My 2011 in Photos

The year starts with me working as an intern in Ernst & Young. Life as an auditor ain't easy.

This is a photo I took during one of my outstation audits. Pretty messy workplace we had. Haha

CNY's around the corner! Ah Ma and my bro were preparing some snacks.

Bamboo adventure, in preparation for Pirates Ahoy!

You have no idea how much time we put into making these weird bamboo structures. They were parts of a boat.

Success at last. We made it despite the rain!

I think this photo needs no explanation.

Not forgetting my numerous visits to the beach to dig for these.

I'm not the only siput fan. All smiles!

On the way to Cameron Highlands with family. Cool, bro!

I enjoy visiting strawberry farms.

Fresh strawberry dessert, home-made.

Farewell Mr Kee! Hope you're doing well wherever you are now!

Happy birthday Mr Banana! That's supposed to be me =.=

DURIANS!!! Hehehe

First semester of degree ends. Time for some sightseeing.

Langkawi was beautiful :D

Happy birthday Ms Carole! Li Qian's foot was injured, but he still joined us.

A one night stay at Hard Rock Hotel Penang. A once in a lifetime experience.

Lunch together before leaving the hotel.

Faiye returns from UK and visits us.

The largest chicken rice party I've ever been to.

My old lappy suddenly decides to retire.

Photo of old lappy, on my new lappy! Haha

Karen leaves for UK. Good luck!!!

Papa gets fascinated by some frog dishes. Delicious, but expensive.

Marketing 100 debate. War of the tongues!

After debate, still good friends la. Haha...

Making Sushi at Zhong Yang's house. I'd say we actually did quite a good job.

Our works of art. Not exactly pretty, but edible.

My favourite hot chocolate, at Dave's Deli Queensbay.

Guess who got hold of my uncle's old treasure!

Our last outing for the year. Carlyn's birthday at Full House.

Second semester of degree ends. This time I'm interning at Western Digital. Here's a photo of our Christmas dinner.

Me choosing my present! Yay...

We're down to the last 8 hours of the year. I'm happy with my 2011. Are you happy with yours? =)