More Food

It's time for another short series of food photos, courtesy of Chef Zhong Yang. I'll let the photos do the talking.

So called "brownie".

Cabbage with turmeric.

We successfully made curry chicken!!! =D

This is pasta in some unknown Korean sauce.

One fine day we decided to bake salmon. Yummy.

Last but not least, Zhong Yang's meatballs. Always awesome.

This is not the full set of photos. I will post the whole set when the internet speed improves. These few days have been lazy days for Mr Internet.


This post is about 2 weeks late, and I blame it on my assignments and tests again (yes, I blame everything on them). About 2 weeks ago I experienced my first hailstorm in Perth. Fortunately the hailstones were tiny, so although I was caught in the open, I escaped intact.

See those tiny white somethings on the ground?

They're little oddly shaped pieces of ice!

Thank you Zhong Yang for holding the ice while I took that photo. Your so very pretty little fingers are now enjoying fame on my blog.

The temperature plunged quite suddenly when the ice came, so it was pretty uncomfortable under the storm. However discomfort was the last thing on our mind when we were jumping about excitedly in falling ice. The locals had a very different reaction. They ran straight for cover (I assume they've had bad experiences with hailstones the size of golf balls).

Looks like Christmas comes at random times in Western Australia.

I'm Still Alive

I assure you I have a very good reason for neglecting the blog for nearly 2 weeks.


And I'm not done yet. Still have several due dates ahead of me. Fortunately, this semester hasn't been as busy as the previous one. That one was practically a superhuman semester, and I have absolutely no idea how I survived it. Still, it's like what Kelly Clarkson says, what doesn't kill you makes you...

...be glad that you're still alive, of course. Stronger's a whole different thing. You need to lift weights to get to that part of the planet.

Oh, and as a random endnote, I miss Penang hawker food. Mmhmm.