Tiny Cucumbers

Another post about greenies growing in my garden. Here are some photos of a type of cucumber my mum planted. They are supposed to be eaten small, and grow no bigger than in the photos below. Although not as large as the common cucumber, the ones in my garden are crunchier and sweeter.

This size = ready to be eaten.

Serves only one person.

The cucumber plants have not been returning much yield despite my mum's efforts. Either we're doing something wrong, or they're born slow producers. They've only fruited twice since my mum planted them a few months ago. Perhaps peeing on the plants will help. It's still fertilizer. But that's just as idea.

Pantun Random

Sebagai seorang rakyat 1Malaysia yang bertanggungjawab, saya perlu practise saya punya BM supaya tidak menjadi lao beh. Practise begini.

Ular jangan disangka cacing,
kelapa jangan disangka kepala.
Atas lantai kusangka kucing,
naik pokok menjadi koala.

Kalau banyak makan garam,
lebih cepat masuk keranda.
Kalau online lewat malam,
lebih cepat bermata panda.

Tiada gunanya kuat berlari,
kereta api lebih pantas.
Tiada gunanya lompat tinggi,
nanti rambut dipotong kipas.

Jika ada beras sekati,
boleh dimasak dengan telur.
Gadis jelita aku menanti,
datang pula hantu seekor.

Sekian, tercapailah matlamat saya untuk improve saya punya BM supaya tak begitu sia soi. Terima kasih.

More Farewells

The tuition free week, a much needed rest period, ends with 2 friends leaving Malaysia to further their studies.

One's been my friend since primary school, while the other has been my classmate since TAFE. Both share some very happy memories with me and my friends. Both are leaving for UK. This means the end of the week will be spent hanging around at the airport.

The proprietor of this Cyberspace Asylum hereby wishes them a safe journey, and all the best in their studies overseas. May they be able to soar and reach for the stars, without risking exposure to cosmic radiation. May they also enjoy good health for the whole of their period in UK. I hear the weather can be pretty nasty there, so the flu bug spreads like well... the flu bug.

Off they go with tickets to the future!

De Title Dining Cabin

One fine day it was another of my friend's birthday, so we went to this charming little restaurant, the name of which I've stated clearly as the title of this post. This post is titled in this manner because I'll be commenting a lot on this little restaurant, and not the birthday.

If you're reading this just to see if previous customers recommend this restaurant, feel free to scroll straight to the very bottom, where you will find the answer you seek. For the time being, I will be kind and first talk about the restaurant's ONLY upside.

Charming deco. The place is indeed unique, with some decorative items that look like they were hand made.

Snapshot of the interior.

Effort was put in to create the whole birthday atmosphere.

In terms of atmosphere and decorations, a commendable job was done. I'll credit them for the fact that they took the trouble to put up the "Happy Birthday" thing in the photo, and provide us all with cute party hats.

Now it is time for me to get evil. If you read my posts frequently, you will know it is not my style to be overly critical, or declare openly that something is bad. So when I really do say it's bad, it's got to be really, really out of order.

Back to de title. If you're wondering how the food tastes, I'll answer you in this manner: either we ordered all the wrong stuff, or the chefs were in a very bad mood. If they can open a restaurant, I believe they should have at least some culinary skills. Unfortunately, we saw none of those skills during our lunch there.

While waiting for my lunch, I was amused by comments that the Aglio Olio (I hope I spelt it right) recipe was all wrong. Even more entertaining was the sight of my friend trying to convince himself that the dish was delicious. What's more, everyone that tasted the thing agreed something was terribly wrong.

I knew our hopes for better performance in the later dishes were shattered when other not so positive comments were heard, including the Pizzailo being too tomato-ish (all you can taste is tomatoes) and a certain Yaki Udon tasting funny (of course it wasn't a funny matter, so to speak). This disappointed us, as food bloggers have been giving this place some good reviews. I was very lucky in the sense that my chicken tasted okay, although the chips were too salty.

We were extremely displeased when a friend beside me was served a BURNT cheese bake. We stared dumbly at the dish, wondering what gave them the nerve to serve charcoal-laced lunch. The only reason we did not complain was that we have already waited a considerable time for this last dish, and we figured we didn't have all day to wait for another cheese bake.

Of course, it is always possible to improve on the quality of food. I personally feel this restaurant still stands a chance, but to stand that chance they will have to realise they have a very BIG HR issue that needs to be solved.

The last thing you want is a waiter who absolutely annoys and disgusts your customers. We were unfortunate to meet this very unpleasant young man, who wrote our individuals orders and practically slammed them down on the table in front of us.

He then proceeded to warn us that since only 4 out of the 14 of us paid for buffet items, only 4 were allowed to eat food on the buffet line. All 14 of us would be charged if we were seen sharing the buffet items. This was, of course, fair to everyone. However, our waiter decided that to drill this into our heads, he had to repeat the warning twice, in a straightforward, rude and threatening manner. A subsequent warning about charging wasted food was also communicated in the same tone. By the time he walked away, half of us had the urge to whack the manners back into him.

Finally, if he brings your food to the table and you take a little longer to realise it's yours, his solution is to say he'll slap your butt. In certain circumstances, I would accept this as a joke, but in this case, I call it sexual harassment. I'd like to see him say the same thing to a lady customer one day. Since the moment he uttered those words, I mentally labelled him a pervert, and promised myself I'd die of starvation before I go back to that place. In case you're wondering, I'm still very, very keen on preserving my virginity, and additional encounters with this psycho certainly will not contribute to this end.

Upon leaving the restaurant, my head was filled with this song running on replay:

They say music is the universal language, and now I'm utilizing this universal language to communicate my thoughts on the restaurant. I'm sure you understand it.

Until I see corrective measures taken, I'm not recommending this place even if you point a gun at me. Exceptions apply if you:
i) enjoy talking dirty with complete strangers
ii) are looking for a reason to kick some (perverted) @ss
iii) are overly optimistic about Penang's food quality (I once belonged here).

I'm Back...Again

After weeks of juggling multiple deadlines, my college work is finally finished (well, most of it). This leaves me with extra time to bore you with my nonsensical scribbles here. You're doomed. Hahaha.

While chillin' with a couple of pals yesterday, I received an sms from my telco provider. Apparently a 6% tax is going to be levied on all prepaid reloads and starter packs. It's not new stuff. I heard about it on the 8pm news a few days ago. Apparently, the companies are bored of absorbing the costs, and now plan to pass the effect to numbskulls like me.

This means I'll need to improvise to keep my phone bill in check. Not that I use my phone much anyway. I'm not a popular person. Perhaps I'll start giving miss calls to send morse code messages. Or I could simplify it. One missed call means Yes, two means No, three means Maybe :D

Okay maybe I'm going too far, but I'll still need to devise a way to beat the telco companies. It's always been me to do this kind of thing. My brother says they're trying to switch us over to postpaid plans. They make more money like that. I'll spare you the technical details. But anyway, this motivates me to snake my way around the rising cost. Wish me luck.