Wrapping Up The Week...

Well yes, I'm only writing this because I can't think of anything else to write. Apparently I can get bloggers' block even before I start writing. That can't be too good.

You know I have finally been given the chance to drive Mummy's proton... under the scrutiny of Papa of course. Big difference when compared to the tiny kancil. My estimation was out most of the time. Went too near the parked vehicles by the roadside. Nothing happened, so don't get too happy. I'm still alive and kicking (though I don't kick much). So people if you happen to see me behind the wheel in a proton, keep your distance. Or else we may both go from behind the wheel to under the wheel or over the wheel or whatever. The question is, which wheel?

Away from wheels, college life has been getting tough. Assignment after assignment is pouring in. Most of them are easy though tedious. I am quite sure I messed up Malaysian Studies though... well it could have been worse. Meanwhile, the college folk are starting to worry about SPM results. Discussion's rife. I've been worrying about SPM way too long. So I'm trying to brainwash myself into not worrying. I'm even using my msn personal message to influence myself. Hakuna matata...

Watched Disney's The Lion King?

It means no worries... for the rest of your days... it's our PROBLEM FREEEEE... PHILOSOPHY...


Man I like that song Pumba and Timon sang with Simba.

You'll be surprised this silly but meaningful song calms me down. So I wasn't exactly wasting my time while watching cartoons when I was 6. :)

Okay enough crap. By the way my best wishes to all of you waiting for your results!


  1. 魂·失 said...:

    uh huh?driving? xD

  1. dexter said...:

    Wow, driving lo...

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