Late Labour Day Message

This is a late Labour Day message to all those labourers who are always late, those who are sometimes late and those who are never late.

I belong to the 'sometimes late' group (see? explains why this entry is late); but in the first place, am I a labourer? Hmm... maybe, but that's another story.

I bet all you labourers are now tired and probably sick of your job. Here I would like to emphasize that if you're a friend of mine from INTI, you're a labourer too. You are labouring on Mr. Beh's Finance assignment. Aaaaand I bet you're sick of your assignment! How do I know? I have been keeping track of your MSN personal messages! Most of them are laments about how your assignments are driving you nuts! Yup, you guys are tired. So tired you may even find yourself reading sentences over and over again. So tired you may even find yourself reading sentences over and over again.

So, since it's Labour Day, it means it's about time you, yes I mean YOU, and everyone else, gets some recognition for your good (or bad) work. Hey, even bad work deserves recognition. Hell even RIDICULOUS work deserves recognition! Look at this yellow cube-

I bet you know that yellow sponge. The cartoon is as ridiculous as a penguin being the MP for Bayan Lepas. The theme song asks viewers 'who lives in a pineapple under the sea'. You are familiar with this lot of nautical nonsense. And yet, look at the recognition Spongebob is getting! So who says ridiculous work (or people, for the matter) do not deserve recognition?

By the way, Spongebob does deserve some credit, not because he's a labourer, but because he has successfully entertained people curious enough to watch the cartoon (like me)! Arr! Are ya' ready kids?!

Sponges in the sea aside, all of you, yes YOU also deserve some recognition. So, though I may be in no position to give you the recognition, I would like to say thanks to you for doing what you have done, what you are doing and what you plan to do. There are several, no, many exceptions though. For example, if you have just/are/are planning to rob a bank/assasinate me/burn your toes/drink kerosene/play with fire... I am not going to thank you.

So, err... thank you again and keep up the good work. The days ahead are still long, and will probably require a lot more effort to pass. Sooooo...



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