The Inconclusive Poll Concluded

Trust me to come up with a poll that is inconclusive. Even the polls located in the Rapid Penang bus look more conclusive. Don't know what I'm saying? Good. Me too.

Note: 1st option: Aye, yes.
2nd option: No ( Then why are you polling here anyway?)
3rd option: Poll? What's that? A Thai dessert?

If you look at the side there, yes, there, you will see that a poll about... well polling has just been closed. Why is the poll inconclusive? Because no one who wants to choose the 2nd option will choose the 2nd option. See? Kosong percent. Anyway, my data shows that a fair amount of my friends would be happy to contribute to polls that are as absurb as that one. Meanwhile, either 37% are trying to be funny, or they don't know much about Thai desserts. No offence, it's your right to choose the 3rd option, or it wouldn't be there in the first place. By the way I don't know much about Thai desserts too, but I do know this one-

It's called Thap Thim Krop or Tap Teem Krawp or Tharp Tim Krop. I don't know how to spell it. Quite good you know, if you can find it you should try it. If you have cholesterol problems stay away.

Back to the poll. Wait... I have nothing else to say about it. So, well... that's it la.


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