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Nearly dormant for an entire week, this blog, but I suppose that ain't long. Ewe Juan has been busy lately, handling 2 tests, accounting and Malaysian Studies, and 1 presentation for finance. So blogging took the backseat for a while.

So, after talking crap for the presentation and writing crap for Malaysian Studies, I write crap here. I crap a lot. No point denying that.

This goes to Teng Shin who's making his mark at the Perak Matriculation College. Go score and be top boy again. You did it in CLHS. You can do it in matriculation too. Just give some face and don't completely bulldoze everyone there okay? Or you may scare the nuts out of those college kids.

This goes to Ah Ban who got into a bit of a mess today. We all get into trouble sometime. It may involve a car, the police, the ISA, or Sumitra. Your problem is just a minor one, so take it easy. Look on the bright side. No broken limbs, bones or necks. It'll be over soon. Don't worry.

This goes to everyone scanning the blog. If your veggies taste bitter, it's not necessarily pesticides. Obviously I don't have much to write about, so I'm talking about vegetables. The veggies planted in my garden were just harvested, and though they were not bitter gourds they tasted more bitter than bitter gourds. No pesticides were applied. Only water and a lot of banana and papaya skin as humus. It's been nearly 3 hours since dinner and my mouth still tastes bitter. Is it any wonder why some people simply HATE their veggies?!

Okay enough cakap banyak. Got to go rinse my mouth with some juice to get rid of this weird taste.


  1. 魂·失 said...:

    lol?y?izit coz u din wash the veggie clean enuf?then theres some ORGANIC [Fertilizers] on it bah? wakakakaka....

  1. Juan said...:

    OI!!! Don't scare me! Afterwards no problem also become got problem! Haha!

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