The Adventure Continues: Pinnacles

I'm back. After a one-month hiatus from blogging. I had some work to rush and after that Shingun came visiting. So needless to say, I'm super behind schedule in terms of the things I intend to blog about. I feel like an insurance company delaying payment of a customer's claim, if you can imagine that.

So, the Pinnacles desert. That's where you can get stone/sand pillars under the hot sun. It's a 2-hours' drive from Perth approximately, provided you don't get lost. We got lost on the way and ended up somewhere in the middle of nowhere with a sign saying "Trespassers will be prosecuted (i.e. shot and publicly disemboweled)", before finally arriving at the desert.

It was really hot.

Lookie here, our group photo with some other tourists!

Nature is creative indeed.

, Basically, this is how we spent half of our time at the desert.

The tall guy meets his match!

Oh, and in terms of the pillar-things, there were tonnes of them. Big and small, tall and short, scattered all over the desert. It's quite fascinating to see what shapes and sizes they can come in. Many are nice, but some are pure obscene, if you know what I mean.

Yup, many of them.

Almost as far as eyes can see.

 These may look small, but the picture was taken from a distance so they're actually quite big.

My honest assessment of the place? Do visit if you have not been there before, but if you're not into hot sun, hotter air and even hotter sand, save yourself the trouble. Also, if you've been there before, I actually see no point in going back again. These pillars are one of those things you only need to see once in your life to enjoy.