End of TAFE Pot Luck

Before we could gasp and say "holy cannoli that was fast", 2 years have nearly gone, and by the end of this year we would have graduated from TAFE. Graduation, or in this case, pre-graduation, is always a cause for celebration, and our celebration came in the form of this pot luck a.k.a. informal farewell for those who are leaving for greener pastures next year.

On Monday we realised we brought so much to eat that we didn't know what to eat. At the same time it was so hard to talk to anyone because everyone was busy posing for photos (there were several cameras around). Can't blame them. If you don't take pictures with your friends now you'll probably need to wait for a reunion several years later.

Zhong Yang's sphagetti sauce. I think I lost the photo of the sphagetti. Made with so much love it melts your heart :D

Wei Zhe's legendary fried rice. Fried to perfection by a hot guy that cooks...

Some of the other foodstuff brought by fellow friends.

Makan time. Ahh there's Zhong Yang's fried sphagetti. Yes, fried.

I know someday I'll look back at this one and smile :-)

The...what was it again... ah, Versatile Award

This one's here because Mr Gabriel smacked an award on this blog filled with nonsense. If you take a peek at the chatbox to the right, you'll see what I mean. Wait, it's not the Versatile Award it's the Versatile Blogger Award. I'm supposed to share 7 facts about myself and pass the award on. I usually don't play with these chain mail or chain blogging thingies, but ah well since I have a bit of time...

Actually I must say everyone on the blog list above deserves an award. Each and everyone of you has your own distinctive style that makes you unique. The award goes to everyone on the list above, and it's okay if you don't write about this in your blog. I know for a fact you're all very busy (oi finals dah nak datang lah), so me being my usual considerate self, *COUGH* *COUGH* *COUGH**HACK**HACK* I will not force you to write about this award.

Ah, when those Oscar award winners receive their awards on stage, the first thing they do is thank their parents, siblings, high school teachers, friends, tax agents, pet goldfish... the list goes on. So here I must thank Mr Gabriel for the award. It's always nice to receive an award, even if it's for the most meaningless blog ever written. By writing a meaningless blog you make people read other people's blogs instead. Now that's a respectable contribution you know haha!

Ok, now about the 7 random facts about myself. Hopefully you'll find them interesting. I've always thought people could see through me like glass, but in case I'm wrong, here's a bit of something...

1. I have the tendency to say too much to others, which is why I frequently choose to keep quiet (this should be quite obvious).
2. I have actually been guilty of ramming into a moving car once, when I was riding my bicycle. Despite my bicycle vs car disadvantage, I escaped without a scratch, and the driver of the car seemed quite amused.
3. Yes I prefer to be gentle, but I have participated in some very brutal games before. This my old friend Teng Shin knows best. We and a couple of friends used to play war-like games at some empty shoplots, and the worst injury I sustained was being hit in the chest by a metal pole.
4. After 19 years, there is only one person I really do hate until today. A tutor I met in Standard 1 (yes, very long ago). This woman repeatedly told me I was useless, and at that young age it really hurt a lot. Till today, when I see her I just walk away without even looking at her.
5. I have the not-so-wonderful ability of searching for something for a long time, then realising it's in my pocket.
6. When you see me outside I usually keep my stuff neat, but wait till you see my room. It's one hell of a war zone.
7. I rarely (or never) bring up this subject in my blog, but I can tell you that despite my apparent ignorance towards it, I BELIEVE IN LOVE. Like I said on my Facebook wall sometime ago, 我有的是曾经.

Hmm, I remember saying I have the tendency to say too much. Today I'll let it loose a little, but that's enough. If you'll excuse me, I'm gonna get myself some Dutch Lady fresh milk.

Janet's Birthday

Hmm. Judging by the number of photos available for me to steal on Facebook, I don't have to say much about this one. The photos speak better than I do. A whole day dedicated to her birthday, and fun for all of us :-)

First stop in the morning, the beach. Birthday girl actually wore a dress there haha!

Sandwiches, courtesy of Zhong Yang's mum. Thanks Aunty!

We went to one of the cleaner beaches.

This message deserves some circulation :P

Taking attendance.

Next, we brought her to Sakae Sushi for the official celebration.

A little bit of a logistic problem. We couldn't find a place to light the candles secretly.

The birthday girl and her cake.

Admiring another of Zhong Yang's hand-made cards.

Posing with her presents.

After lunch, we went to Wei Zhe's house, where he did what he's best at.

There were also other things to do.

Dinner time! We went for the famous Raja Uda Tom Yam.

One last shot of the birthday girl.

It's been the most elaborate birthday we've ever planned. A good dose of fun for all of us, no doubt. That basically concludes the story. Now I better get back to work or it'll be another night of sleeping at 2am. Not the best of experiences haha...

Faiye Mia Video

Some time has passed since Ah Faiye's farewell, so it's time to post this video. Taken by I don't know who, a few people I think, and edited by Wei Zhe. Hope the last few minutes don't scare the hell out of that girl in UK (or you).

There you have it :)

Kai Wen's Birthday

So now it's already Janet's birthday (happy birthday Janet), but I'm still talking about Kai Wen's birthday. Hmm. Apparently I was kept quite busy. Okay, so, Kai Wen's birthday. His was a surprise on INTI's rooftop. So here are the photos. I think they'll tell the story better than I.

His reaction to the surprise. He has his style haha.


The usual routine with the cake.

Potong aje...

His presents.

So that's for the birthday boy. The next post will be another birthday haha but I'll have to wait for the photos. So, till the next time.

First Up, Zhong Yang

As at now it's actually Kai Wen's birthday already, but the photos need time to come, so I'll be talking about Abba's birthday first.

To start off, if there was ever a Guinness World Record for most unsurprising surprise, this celebration would have won the award. Most, if not all of the cats were out of the bag before the actual celebration day, and the VIP came knowing about 70% of what we were intending to do.

Fortunately things got better after that. Everything went on pretty smoothly, and after the celebration we went for Sammy's Adventures. My first time watching 3D! Yay! A very entertaining animation indeed, if you're looking for something light.

Birthday Boy all smiles :-)

His birthday card.

The poor cake, after Abba's nose was slammed into it.


Finally, a group photo, as usual.

Into October

Yes month number 10, time flies and yes, it's the birthday season of the year ladies and gentlemen (round of thunderous applause). Apparently it's a fashionable thing to be born in October, judging by the number of birthday notifications facebook has been throwing at me.

Birthday bash beats assignments anytime, unless the assignment is planning a birthday. By the end of the month most of us should be able to write a 23,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 word thesis on birthday surprises, including detailed descriptions about the 1001 factors to be considered during planning, 10001 issues to be attended to during the celebration and the 100001 do-nots that will spoil the surprise. A comprehensive birthday celebration guide about what's hot and what's not. Sounds pretty promising.

If I manage to get my cute, adorable little hands *cough*cough* on some photos, I'll update you about how the birthdays went. Till then, eat your vegetables and remember, mummy says do not stay up late.