Some Kind Of Interview

I did say i would write about Wednesday's role play. Yes I know the blog entry's late, but better late than never. I was the interviewer and Zhong Yang was the interviewee. He did a really good job and I must congratulate him for that. I was... well, still using my style of "more trash than truth". Luckily I didn't mess things up.

Our little drama was fitted with an introduction...


...but yes I do look a bit odd there, as though a cannon ball just hit me in the stomach. That's the way I planned to get the audience's attention. I think it worked. By the way, it is your constitutional right to laugh at me in office wear. Go ahead. I won't stop you. In fact, I'll laugh with you! :P

After the introduction, it was time for business...

In action!!!

Maybe it isn't clear in the photo, but my hands were trembling. I realised it when I looked at the pen in my hand. So I quickly put the pen down.

A quick peek at the flash cards...

In a short while, we were done. I must say I am satisfied with the show we put on. The amazing part is Zhong Yang and I delivered a load of rubbish dressed in office wear and actually did not get into trouble! Hopefully the crap we came up with amused the audience. That was the whole idea anyway. We were more keen on amusing our friends than anything else.

Here I want to thank John for taking the photos and sending them to me. As you can see, he did a great job. If you want to know this handsome young man, the first step is to visit his blog. Check out the link at the 'Some Wise People I Know' place.

Okay, enough typing. Nanti tengok tu computer screen lampau lama mata pop keluar macam tu kartun punya. Alamak. Sakit......


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