Staying Calm...Not That Easy Folks

It's still 2 weeks before the SPM results will be shoved down our throats. Most people I meet are still rather successful at keeping their cool.

Or at least they look like they're successfully keeping their cool.

I'm not so sure about me, though. Every time someone that's not further than 10 feet away from me says 'SPM', my legs seem to turn to jelly, and my stomach seems keen on giving me a look at what my lunch would appear like after socializing with some enzymes. It's not the best feeling in the world. I don't think anyone's facing the same thing here, so perhaps I'm just thinking too much.

I keep getting the feeling that I really messed up in Bio and EST. Chinese is another problem. There may be another 1001 screw-ups I can think of regarding my SPM, so I better not get too creative. My pals keep telling me I look calm... hell that's the exact opposite of how I really feel.

So if any of you reading this have the same sick feeling every time SPM is mentioned, well you're not alone. Staying calm ain't that easy, but let's j...j...j...just...


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