Dear Books

Dear, as in EXPENSIVE, people. I like my books, but not to that extent as to give them lovey dovey titles.

International Finance & Auditing.

These 2 textbooks cost me about $AUD270! Fortunately I obtained a book grant worth $215 to cushion the impact on my wallet. Whoever said education comes cheap...

The good news is that when I'm finally done with this semester, I will be able to pawn, I mean sell, these books to the 2nd hand bookstore, for hopefully 70 to 80% of the original cost. Fingers crossed folks. I want my money back!!!


This is a late post about a harbour town  in Perth called Fremantle. We found time to travel there by train. It was quite far from where we lived, but we managed to get there anyway. Had some fun before the semester started.

Fremantle train station. Love the architecture.

Church (I think). More interesting architecture.

There was a fun fair at the Esplanade.

Abba found a new job as a street performer!

Anyway the leading man juggles torches/machetes/apples while standing on a ladder.

At the famous seafood restaurant, Cicerello's.

It is worth noting that the Fish n' Chips there wasn't as awesome as advertised. Pretty mediocre. However, the calamari and chilly mussels were great. Do try the chilly mussels if you get the chance. I normally don' take mussels, but those served at the restaurant were really good.

The view outside Cicerello's.

Fremantle Prison.

Waiting to be jailed, all on cellphones.

Our tourguide.

It looks like those prisons in movies.

The prison even has its own church.

Happy trip!

Now the semester has started, we'll only be running around on weekends. Pity. We were already entering some kind of short-term holiday mood. Hopefully our 2 semesters in Perth will be rewarding and fruitful. 

Posting from Perth!

I finally found the time to update the blog. This time from Perth!

*expects thunderous round of applause*

Okay that intro didn't work too well.

I noticed Perth isn't as boring as many people say (at least for the time being). The weather is manageable sometimes and ridiculously cold other times. It's winter. What do you expect?

Here are some photographs of my new home.

Erica Underwood House. Common room on the right, admin office on the left.

My unit! I'm in Room 3.

The following are some snapshots of the campus grounds. Some taken by my friends, some taken by me.

This is the large field in front of the campus. They use it for all kinds of sports.

Another part of the campus.

This is another field. The campus has several fields.

International students' admin area.

Small fountain and bridge.

Welcome to Curtin Perth!

That's all for the time being. More photos the next time I have time to add to the blog.

Blogger on Android

Hello folks. This is my first attempt blogging from my phone. I figured that if I was going to Perth, I might as well learn to blog on the go.

To test the photo-posting function I have taken a photo of my ceiling fan. I hope it appears here properly. Feast your eyes on the graceful dance of my beloved ceiling fan.

That's all. Time to see if this app works.