Happy Merdeka!

Although I'm stuck at home working, it's still a public holiday, so Happy Merdeka everyone! Enjoy yourselves (when and where applicable), and for the last time...


*Sorry. That was a reminder to myself.

Return of the Faiye

This week we were blessed to receive a visit from the little girl going to UK next month. So we dragged her to Queensbay to sembang-sembang.

This. the Faiye species. You've probably seen her on this blog before.

They were eating this thing. I've forgotten if it was yogurt or ice-cream or both.

Our Director of Photography.

A bit of advertising for J.Co, whatever it stands for.

Looks like there's something worth exploring there.

That's everyone. Except me of course.

I found out that it wasn't easy to pack if you intend to go overseas. I knew it was not easy of course, but after chatting with mesa friends, I realised it was a lot harder than I imagined. 3 weeks to pack 30kg? Holy, a herd of cows could be taught to do the ballet within that time period, but I'm not too bothered. I'm sticking around the island for the time being anyway :-)

I'm In College!

This is one of the few times I'm updating my bloggy in college. I'm so proud haha...

It's only 8.22am now, and the stock market ain't open yet, so no point for me to login to my OSKIC account, which, by the way, is making losses due to some ridiculous investment decisions that would probably qualify as joke book material. It's only my first time playing with equities, so cut me some slack okay? :-) I'd be lucky to maintain my capital at the end of this thing. Next time if you have RM100,000 and are afraid of investing in the stock market, buy Amanah Saham 1Malaysia. Guaranteed returns unless the government collapses, but rates not so good lah.

Enough about stocks. They make my head spin. Later I may go for Penang Road's cendol. Best cendol in the universe. Eat already can fly and become bullet proof. Some lucky folks even become radioactive.

Now I'll leave you to your business until I become a super mutant. Wish me luck.

Investors Take INTI By Storm

Breaking news! In the largest invasion the planet has seen since the introduction of the word 'LOL', investors have emerged seemingly out of nowhere in the once quiet (okay, maybe not so quiet) INTI College Penang, invading the computers and notebooks and macbooks and Tiga Lima (555) books of students! Many have joined the league of novice investors, pumping incredible amounts of capital into the share market! With the bulk of capital heading to Genting, Resorts World Berhad has declared that they would soon be able to buy up Pulau Jerejak and build a water theme park for the enjoyment of Penangites regardless of age!

Okay who the heck do I think I'm fooling...

I'm talking about the OSK Investment Challenge, the only game capable of turning INTI from an educational institution to an investors' conference hall. You get RM100,000 free at the beginning...

it's VIRTUAL MONEY, buster. Gotchaaaa BWAHAHAHAHA...

...and you spend it on shares. Share prices and trading sessions follow KLSE in real time. Pretty cool actually. Even if you know nuts about shares (maybe you think they're called 'kongsi' in Malay), you can still join the fun by squandering your 100K on
worthless equities, and not lose a single cent in real life!

Sounds like fun. Well, no harm giving it a try!


Station Satu

I normally don't write about my lunch. After all, what I eat goes into my stomach, not my memory. However, some things I eat do leave a mark in my memory, like the taste of pencil lead when... well you don't need to know.

For the sake of writing a lighter update (meaning no law or tax or other intellectually stimulating topics), I will now relate my experience dining at Station One in Queensbay. As you all know I grew up somewhere in the mountains where the nail clipper is considered cutting-edge technology. So, it was only my first time eating there.

About the food... well let's just say that if you want to go there, go for the atmosphere. It really is a nice place to hang out. This sentence basically sums up my lunch.

Simple, eh? But knowing us, when we enter a place like that, we don't leave immediately after eating. There's always something else to do...

...like admire MJ and the Godfather...

...or drink coffee...

...lots of coffee...

...or make your friends' names...

...with any sugar and creamer wrappers left behind.

At least the mess we left wasn't really big. The waiters should have no problem repainting the restaurant.

Okay I was only kidding.

In The Case Of

In the case of No Mood v No Attention (2010) Exch 312 the court held that the reasons 'no mood' and 'no attention' were the key reasons why bloggers write on their blogs instead of do their assignments. Explaining the decision, Luanlai J said:

'It is reasonable to assume that both attention and mood are necessary... to effectively complete an assignment, the lack of any of both elements... would prove detrimental to assignment progress.'

Applying this principle 450 years later, the Kangaroo Court, in You Gotta Be v Kidding me (2460) KC 77 held that in order for one to successfully complete an assignment, it would be necessary to avoid spending too much time blogging, as it would mean allowing the lack of attention to distract the student's effort to work.

Incidentally, in Yes I Know v It's Lame (1000B.C.) AC 87, the Court of Ancient Men stated that 47.8% of readers would find such a blog post lame, while approximately 6% would stare at the screen, wondering if the blogger has lost the remainder of his already half-lost mind.

That said, Section 54(3) of the BullSh*t Act 2009 provides that in the event of such nonsense appearing on blogs, it would be compulsory for the blogger to leave and get a drink.

As a law-abiding and responsible citizen, I shall therefore excuse myself and head for the kitchen.