In The Case Of

In the case of No Mood v No Attention (2010) Exch 312 the court held that the reasons 'no mood' and 'no attention' were the key reasons why bloggers write on their blogs instead of do their assignments. Explaining the decision, Luanlai J said:

'It is reasonable to assume that both attention and mood are necessary... to effectively complete an assignment, the lack of any of both elements... would prove detrimental to assignment progress.'

Applying this principle 450 years later, the Kangaroo Court, in You Gotta Be v Kidding me (2460) KC 77 held that in order for one to successfully complete an assignment, it would be necessary to avoid spending too much time blogging, as it would mean allowing the lack of attention to distract the student's effort to work.

Incidentally, in Yes I Know v It's Lame (1000B.C.) AC 87, the Court of Ancient Men stated that 47.8% of readers would find such a blog post lame, while approximately 6% would stare at the screen, wondering if the blogger has lost the remainder of his already half-lost mind.

That said, Section 54(3) of the BullSh*t Act 2009 provides that in the event of such nonsense appearing on blogs, it would be compulsory for the blogger to leave and get a drink.

As a law-abiding and responsible citizen, I shall therefore excuse myself and head for the kitchen.


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