More Durians

Here are some photos of durians, in case any of you live in a cave somewhere in the Amazons and haven't seen durians before. My Papa bought some home today.

Evil looking yummy stuff.

Of course, together with durians come other seasonal fruits that also make tasty treats. Also my favourites :D


Rambutans@Ang Mo Tan.

Rambutans irritate your throat if you take too much without drinking some water to wash down the sweetness. So beware. You don't want to get a sore throat during this fruity time of the year. Go get yourself a sore throat any other time. Just not this time.

This is the legendary Hor Lor. Very dry, sticky and sweet.

A weird one. I've forgotten what this durian's name is. Not that tasty though.

And this is the Ang He (Red Prawn). Notice it's deeper shade of orange.

I still have a bit of durian left in the fridge for tomorrow. If you chill them they taste like ice cream. Looking forward to more great durians next week :-)

Durian Season

Hey folks. Heavy thorny fruits are starting to fall from the sky, so please be careful about which tree you pick to take a nap under. Newton met an apple. You don't want to meet a durian. Trust me.

Also, drink lots of water. Especially if you're a durian addict like me. Or my mum.

Besides containing lots and lots of fibre, durians are supposed to have a relatively high amount of fat compared to other fruits, but are completely free of cholesterol. Also, these thorny demons are a good source of Vitamin C. This means you can eat this evil-looking fruit as a health supplement, then throw whatever remains of the fruit at a man across the street, killing him instantly.

Like bananas, durians are a good source of potassium. They are also rich in tryptophan. Tryptophan is used by the body to produce serotonin, which induces sleep. So don't eat durians and drive. You might fall asleep and bang into a durian tree, causing an earthbound durian to make a hole in your car.

That said, enjoy your durians, fellow addicts, and try not to visit public places immediately after your durian feast.

*Oh yeah, and thanks to everyone who wished me happy birthday, no matter if you wished me directly or if you're one of the 104 people who wished me on Facebook.


I have another 2 birthday celebrations to write about. Obviously the past week has been busy for all of us.

First we had my lecturer Mr Kee's celebration. We celebrated his birthday ahead of the actual date. The celebration also doubled as a farewell as he was leaving INTI.

His birthday cake.

The birthday and farewell card made by Zhong Yang.

Other side of the card.

Our group photo. Best wishes Sir!

As for my birthday, this is where we went...

It's in the upper levels of 1st Avenue.

My birthday cake. Mr Banana 'coz my grandma keeps giving me bananas -.-

Another group photo. I look like a bad guy boss in a movie.

Here's a special thanks to all my buddies for planning the whole thing. I appreciate it very much. Unless my mathematics has gone to the dogs, I'm now officially 20. Just entered 2+ from 1+. Unfortunately, I'm still that small-sized guy with a loose cannon imagination. Some things never change... :P

Finals Finally Over

I just finished my finals on Monday, and now it's time for some well-deserved rest. But just because my exams are over doesn't mean I won't be busy. There will be a string of events waiting for me this week (which includes my birthday, harharhar).

Above's a photo from Sheralyn (little girl standing in the center's) birthday celebration. Notice how the girls outnumber us guys. We're always the minority species. Always. Happens in the accounting line I guess.

They'll be more events to come and hopefully I can get my hands on some photos so I can show them off to the world. Till then, see ya.



Botanical Garden Floral Fest

A break away from my books and notes brought me to the Botanical Gardens to see some plants. I haven't been doing gardening for some time, but I still like to stare at plants. Call me weird but that's me.

The exhibition was packed mostly of orchids. There were many other flowering plants, but orchids dominated the show.

Lookie here. Orchid laa!

Wait. There's more.

Lots of them.

They even have that. Below 'malas' is the word 'berbunga'.

Finally. NOT orchid.

There was also some landscaping stuff on show. Just a little bit. The idea is to place some flowing water in your garden to enhance the flow of chi for feng shui purposes. Recommended if you're a businessman or just damn rich.

The birds are fake. Well, obviously.

'Them birdies are fake, but I'm REAL!!!'

Pretty small things in large packages.

Next on the list is Bonsai plants. They have competitions all the time to reward something like the weirdest twisted Bonsai on show. I don't know how they select the winners, but normally the winners have stems and branches twisted in odd and artistic ways.

There. See what I mean by twisted?

Another artistic sample.

Brother of Bonsai? Botaksai!!!

Lots of thanks to my family who dragged me away to relax awhile :D I needed it. Now it's back to economics and law.