Work's Over, Back to College

I'm finally done with work. Yaaaaaaaaay. It's time to get back to college and be the psycho that I really am. But work wasn't all bad. I learnt a lot. I have finally seen all the documents I've only read of before in textbooks and I learnt how to handle some really tough people. Met lots of nice people on the way too.

I swear from this moment on I'll appreciate all the wonderful things around me that kept me alive during the last and most frustrating month of work... my family and friends and all those wonderful memories we made together =)

I'm back where I belong.


One More Week

I've finally reached the one-week-left milestone for my internship, then it'll be back to college, where I'll be busy with stuff that does not concern tying figures in workpapers. My survival next week will greatly depend on my efforts to curb my tendency of creating last minute messes.

There are, however, some stuff that others would have to clean up on my behalf. When my current job gets reviewed, I'll probably be already somewhere mid-semester. So when the bosses start asking questions about my work, I guess my dear seniors will have to do the talking.
Sorry guys, can't be helped XD

The EY office actually has a nice view of the surrounding area.

Nice view but I doubt anyone would have the time to actually sit down and enjoy it.

Oh, if anyone of you knows where I can get cardboard boxes at a cheap price or (preferably) for free, kindly drop a comment somewhere i can see it. I will be requiring a very large quantity of boxes for a college event in March. Thanks in advance.


Took a day off from work to get my degree enrolment done. The actual process was a lot faster than I expected, so I spent the rest of the day hanging out with my favourite pals. We were joined by Ban Korh from KL, and I must say I haven't laughed so much in a single day for a very long time. They definitely made my week. Here's a big thank you and lots of hugs for them =)

This guy always steals the show with his facial expressions.

Deep in discussion with the waiter. We had Korean food for lunch.

After lunch we went to Queensbay to jalan-jalan and talk crap. Just like the good old times. Not very old la. Later we went to Sushi King because Ban Korh didn't have his lunch when we did. Me sampat first time go in there. I'm not a sushi fan.

This little girl kept looking at us. And when we laugh, she laughs too. So cute.

Introducing the Sushi King small Yee Sang for only RM8.88! We had some fun with it.

And that concludes what I must say is the best day for this week. At least I'll feel more energized at work tomorrow after hanging out today.


Just had one of the best CNYs ever. Felt so good to be with relatives from near and far instead of being cooped up in the office. On 初一 alone I ate more than I would ever eat in 2 days. Guess there's always an easy way to increase one's body mass.

Now I cincai hantam some photos to make things more colourful.

First day of CNY, sure eat this. Family tradition XD

A bowl of treats for everyone. Somewhat traditional.

Everything in that segmented bowl has a meaning. Ask my Ah Ma and she'll explain them all to you. Or you may prefer my aunt's explanations, which are all lottery-related.

Neighbour panggil Lion Dance, so I spy on them.

MORE makan. This is the famous Yee Sang, before it's destroyed seconds later.

See? Out of 4 photos 3 are related to food. It's only once a year, and I strongly believe that CNY is the time you should not watch your diet at all. Life's too short. Learn to have some fun.

Oh, and CNY is 15 days long, but it's back to work for me today. Rats... 15 days off would be great...Lol

Tomorrow CNY!

Yay... it's one of my favourite times of the year! Chinese New Year and the tiger makes way for its tamer friend the rabbit. For me this CNY is exceptionally precious compared to previous years because I get FIVE days away from the office. Yes FIVE!!! That's like striking the lottery 3 times in a row you know...

Took some random photos of the CNY decorations at home :D

This one very 'ong'.

Hope we'll have a wonderful and prosperous year ahead! Enjoy your Chinese New Year everyone! 恭喜发财 and 祝你兔年行大运 LOL