Nothing In Particular

Ehh? Why so quiet ah? Something's missing. Yes the dee daa dee doo doo (or whatever) song's missing from my blog. Something's wrong with it, so I dropped it. I don't know about you, but I like that ridiculous (but somehow cute) song.

With some peaceful quiet to enjoy while I try to repair the song, let us chit chat about nothing in particular (oh no, it's yet another of those no-point blog entries).

'Nothing' is defined as 'not anything or not a single thing' in the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary (whoa, so deeeeep). 'In' is a preposition with a dozen meanings I decline to mention, and finally, 'particular' is defined as 'special or specific'. Hence, 'nothing in particular' means 'not anything that is special'. So Lorong Selamat's Char Koay Teow does not qualify as 'nothing in particular'. *For your information, that thing costs a bomb.

With nothing in particular to write about except nothing in particular particularly the definition of nothing in particular, I have to particularly mention that nothing in particular in my terms means nothing but nothing in particular. Confused? Good. Me too.

While you're wondering what's so particular about nothing in particular, I'll try to repair the whistling tune. If it gets back, you'll know. What do I plan to do after that? Well, nothing in particular.

The Poll About Polling

The elections are history but I'm not done with polling. So I've added a poll to the blog! It's my way of "calling fresh elections".

Look at the poll by the side there. Below my profile. Lame subject to poll about? You bet! I don't care what the poll's about as long as it's a poll!

So everyone, please give your 1 shot, 2 cents and 3 seconds to take part in that ridiculous poll. Thank you for your support.

A Little Reminder

Hey folks, this reminder goes to all my INTI friends stressed out by their assignments, and also all you stressed-out-for-some-reason readers.

Here's a known fact:

We reap the benefits of our labour. So it's good to work hard and sweat it out (of course, if you prefer you can swear it out). I agree. No problem.

But, remember, life's not all work! We need to get some relaxation too! You want proof?


I'd firstly like to introduce you to 2 equations.

(1) Human = Eat+Sleep+Enjoy.
(2) Pig = Eat+Sleep.
* Work has been conveniently left out of both equations to simplify matters.

Never mind if you've seen those equations before. I'm just attempting to jolt your memory. Now fot the REAL math!

Substitute Equation (2) into Equation (1):

Human = (Eat+Sleep)+Enjoy.
Human = Pig+Enjoy. ----- Let this be Equation (3).

Subtract "Enjoy" from both sides of Equation (3):

Human-Enjoy = Pig+Enjoy-Enjoy.


So my dear friends, work for your future, but don't forget to enjoy life at the same time! You only have ONE life (cats can't read my blog, those lucky kitties have NINE lives), so make the most out of it!

Good luck with your assignments!

Autumn Break Has Broken Upon Us

There are no brown leaves to be seen but they call it an autumn break. No matter what it's called, it's still a 2-week holiday, so I'd be an idiot to be complaining about it's name.

Today's the last day at college before I make my absence felt for 2 weeks. How do I make my absence felt? The college temperature rises significantly. Why? Because together with my pals we do the world a service - preventing global warming by shooting cold jokes. It's going to be warm in INTI for some time, fortunately or unfortunately.

Last day it is, but it doesn't mean we can have fun. We faced another assessment today. To me it translated as another reminder of how careless I can be. Not that I care less, but I'm careless.

Having an assessment doesn't mean you can't have fast food.

We had lunch at McDonalds. The one in Pekaka. A cup of coke in one hand and a book filled with numbers in the other does give me inspiration. Inspiration to pour the coke on the book. My understanding of depreciation is depreciating, closing entries are closing their doors at me and balance day adjustments are are hanging in imbalance.

Okay maybe it wasn't that bad. Well, it's over and that means I can enjoy my holidays right?

Fat hopes, slim chances.

I've got 3 assignments competing for my time. One of them is particularly nasty. I'll have to turn the Prudential Insurance Company upside down in search of information. You think it's easy? I might as well be searching the north pole for air conditioners.

Well, to those in the same boat... hi and don't rock the boat. I'll get dizzy.

Black Out

The electricity supply has been healthy, no cough, flu or even hiccups. The black out has nothing to do with volts. It's about Black Valentine's Day. Being the "wonder what's going on" type, I knew nuts about this darker version of Valentine's Day.

After a brief explanation from some wiser coursemates, I got a bit wiser too as the result of them imparting their invaluable knowledge regarding this darker version of a well known holiday celebrated by homo sapiens around the globe to mark and declare their undying, sincere and everlasting affection and care for their respective partner(s), the darker version performing a different function and symbolizing a different perspective and outlook of things in which humans categorized as being single in terms of personal relationship or marital status converge upon this fateful day to resent their current aforesaid state of partnership. That's a long sentence. I'll simplify it for you-

I think it's the day the singles mourn their "singleness". There. Better, right? Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. Okay enough bullsh*t.

As all people with at least half a brain will be able to tell, I'm STILL SINGLE. According to our class representative, singles should come in black today. She stopped short of saying singles coming in other colours would be detained under the ISA. Lucky us. My close friends will know that I never wear black. So today was the first time in my memory that I ever wore a black shirt. My one and only comment?


...especially when you have to walk back home under the sun. Not far, but still panas. I'm not hot, the shirt's hot and so it makes me hot. No not 'hot' as in 'cool'. Hot as in Cool? What am I trying to say?! Arrr forget it.

Nearly the whole class appeared in black. Talk about the Black Parade. Pity I didn't have a camera with me. It was quite a sight to behold. However, I don't believe so many are still single. Maybe some of our friends are just being too shy to publicly declare that they are no longer alone.

Ah well, so happy Black Valentine's. All's black for now, but remember, the propects ahead are colourful!


Another cheap joke by me.

A Peek Into My Head

I'm writing this because I feel like writing something but I don't know what to write about. So, what better to write about than my mysterious mind and what's been going on in it?!

Frankly speaking, my mind's not that mysterious. It feels oddly empty now, and it has never been full anyway. What can I say? My internal processor's on recession mode. Half the brain cells have been retrenched. (I don't intend to retrench any more, or I won't be able to differentiate a screwdriver from a nutcracker.)

Other than the debits and credits... and assets and liabilities and... okay enough. I sense some people are going to start throwing footwear at me if I continue talking about accounting principles and the like. Well my friend Ban Korh got himself 2 hamsters today for a good bargain, and I know it has nothing much to do with me, but little things like this get my mind moving. I think he hasn't given them names yet, and I suggested... well... I did say no more accounting but... I suggested... see the 2 words above in black. Stupid idea. Perhaps Huat and Chai?

Unless you hid in a cave gnawing on bones for the past few days, you would have realised that the new PM's up and about, with an all new LEANER and MEANER cabinet. Some people have been conveniently left out of the new cabinet line-up, and I am particularly pleased with that. As for our new cabinet, well nobody said politicians are lean. Most of them can boast of a fair amount of body fat (swt...), but mean, hey they can be really MEAN when they want to.

By the way, we're bidding bye bye to the bygone by-elections, so we'll have less political crap for some time. This crap usually builds up when elections close in, but don't worry, we do get a fair supply of it on any other day too. The status quo prevails in the tri-elections. Well it's good and bad at the same time. I do not wish to disclose my political preferences here, but my close buddies sure have an idea of which side I'm on.

It's quite amazing that although I've nothing to write about, I can still write what...5 short paragraphs till the one up there. I'm not boasting. I just wish to gauge the amount of rubbish I can write with zero inspiration. So you'd better hope I don't get inspired too frequently. Or you will be spending time reading a lot of crap... or you won't... you'll just boycott this blog altogether!

Oh no, now that's bad. VERY BAD! So I better stop here. Enough peeking into my head.

Twist In The Tale

Today is the birthday of one of our INTI comrades. We had a surprise party planned for her, and 4 of us guys from CLHS even brought our financial resources together to buy her a gift. Not anything too expensive, but we hope she likes it.

From what I hear, the Birthday Girl actually had a good time. A friend of mine (think I shouldn't mention his name) and I intended to join in the celebrations, but apparently our luck had other plans.

Instead of being at the party, the both of us spent half the day sorting out a mess at a crossroad, dropping by a hospital and paying a police station a visit. I guess I won't be watching any action movies involving car chase scenes any time soon.

Thinking of this errrr... fiasco makes me sick, so I won't elaborate much. I'll just say an unlucky motorcyclist won't be able to walk properly for some time, and I got a sickening first class view of how he got into that state.

I do not intend to blame anyone for this incident. I guess Murphy's Law holds true sometimes. Anyway I hope the Birthday Girl and our friends at INTI had a great time and fully enjoyed themselves (but no matter how you see it, they definitely had a better time than my less than fortunate pal and I).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Touch wood, but if any one of you readers gets into an accident, always STAY WITH THE CROWD. Don't isolate yourself at some place to use your phone or whatever. Some deranged moron may just decide to break your nose. THIS IS NO JOKE.

...and a note to my pal there (if you're reading this) - I don't blame you for the mess. Just think positively and get whatever required things done. On the bright side, now both of us are sure that we had at least one exciting day in our lives.

The JPA Thingie

Today kena cakap at Kepala Batas. The nice part is that I'm being invited there to speak. The not so nice part is that it doesn't put me in any position of authority or advantage.

Interview day folks. Frankly speaking I'd rather face 52 role plays than 1 interview. Yes but do I look like I have a choice? Apparently the rubbish talk has to be taken from the lecture room to the interview room. Maybe I should consider it a promotion.

Things weren't exactly smooth sailing like I hoped. I got myself into 2 little fiascos. 1 involved a neck tie. The other involved a malfunctioning pen. Better a malfunctioning pen than a malfunctioning brain I guess.

All those messy bits aside, the rest of the interview was actually quite fun. I had no problem standing out among my other groupmates. Why? I was the only guy. The inteviewers noticed that, fortunately I must say.

Of course I made my share of blunders, but I hope those mistakes won't kill off my chances. In case you're wondering if I did talk crap, yes I did. My introduction involved the lighting of my house, and my plan in case I failed to get the scholarship involved the word "sembahyang". Use your imagination and you may be able to make an accurate guess about what I said.

Yes and by the way I also managed to ask the interviewers a question that made them take their files out and check the information in there. It's not revenge, it's curiosity.

... okay I admit maybe I did want to cari pasal dengan mereka a bit, but it's more of curiosity. Syok you know, the feeling that you asked a question that really challenged the interviewers about their stuff. I hope I didn't scare them la. Lose-lose situation. Not good.

Lastly, hopefully boleh dapat, tak dapat tak apa, join my TAFE friends for another 3 semesters loh. Nothing wrong with that. I like being with my INTI pals too.