Twist In The Tale

Today is the birthday of one of our INTI comrades. We had a surprise party planned for her, and 4 of us guys from CLHS even brought our financial resources together to buy her a gift. Not anything too expensive, but we hope she likes it.

From what I hear, the Birthday Girl actually had a good time. A friend of mine (think I shouldn't mention his name) and I intended to join in the celebrations, but apparently our luck had other plans.

Instead of being at the party, the both of us spent half the day sorting out a mess at a crossroad, dropping by a hospital and paying a police station a visit. I guess I won't be watching any action movies involving car chase scenes any time soon.

Thinking of this errrr... fiasco makes me sick, so I won't elaborate much. I'll just say an unlucky motorcyclist won't be able to walk properly for some time, and I got a sickening first class view of how he got into that state.

I do not intend to blame anyone for this incident. I guess Murphy's Law holds true sometimes. Anyway I hope the Birthday Girl and our friends at INTI had a great time and fully enjoyed themselves (but no matter how you see it, they definitely had a better time than my less than fortunate pal and I).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Touch wood, but if any one of you readers gets into an accident, always STAY WITH THE CROWD. Don't isolate yourself at some place to use your phone or whatever. Some deranged moron may just decide to break your nose. THIS IS NO JOKE.

...and a note to my pal there (if you're reading this) - I don't blame you for the mess. Just think positively and get whatever required things done. On the bright side, now both of us are sure that we had at least one exciting day in our lives.


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