The JPA Thingie

Today kena cakap at Kepala Batas. The nice part is that I'm being invited there to speak. The not so nice part is that it doesn't put me in any position of authority or advantage.

Interview day folks. Frankly speaking I'd rather face 52 role plays than 1 interview. Yes but do I look like I have a choice? Apparently the rubbish talk has to be taken from the lecture room to the interview room. Maybe I should consider it a promotion.

Things weren't exactly smooth sailing like I hoped. I got myself into 2 little fiascos. 1 involved a neck tie. The other involved a malfunctioning pen. Better a malfunctioning pen than a malfunctioning brain I guess.

All those messy bits aside, the rest of the interview was actually quite fun. I had no problem standing out among my other groupmates. Why? I was the only guy. The inteviewers noticed that, fortunately I must say.

Of course I made my share of blunders, but I hope those mistakes won't kill off my chances. In case you're wondering if I did talk crap, yes I did. My introduction involved the lighting of my house, and my plan in case I failed to get the scholarship involved the word "sembahyang". Use your imagination and you may be able to make an accurate guess about what I said.

Yes and by the way I also managed to ask the interviewers a question that made them take their files out and check the information in there. It's not revenge, it's curiosity.

... okay I admit maybe I did want to cari pasal dengan mereka a bit, but it's more of curiosity. Syok you know, the feeling that you asked a question that really challenged the interviewers about their stuff. I hope I didn't scare them la. Lose-lose situation. Not good.

Lastly, hopefully boleh dapat, tak dapat tak apa, join my TAFE friends for another 3 semesters loh. Nothing wrong with that. I like being with my INTI pals too.


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