A Little Adventure

After a gruelling, annoying and slightly depressing week, the weekend finally came and I got the chance to go hiking with Zhong Yang and Huan Li. We made our way from Bukit Gambir all the way to Farlim. It sounds pretty far, and it probably is, but our route cut through the hills so it didn't seem far.

Breakfast at Old Town somewhere after coming down.

We were one of the first customers. Place still empty.

After breakfast we got a little smart and decided to ride Rapid Penang home. We had to get to Komtar first and board a different bus there, so we waited at a bus station and hopped onto our first ride...

Towards Komtar.

Upon reaching Komtar we took a walk at the mall and ended up looking very out of place. Imagine 3 guys in short pants and sports shoes, holding umbrellas, walking in a shopping mall. People must have been wondering why we were taking a morning walk in a shopping complex.

Later Janet arrived with her sister, and we had a weird adventure involving a very loud Kancil. I'll just say that a Kancil with 5 people in it isn't as easy to handle as I thought.

After the girls left to go shopping, the 3 guys found themselves at the Komtar bus terminal trying to catch a bus back to Zhong Yang's house.

A photo of the bus routes, so that we won't get lost next time.

Finally boarded the bus that took us to the opposite side of Zhong Yang's house.

We then realised that we've travelled nearly half the island without even knowing it. The idea got us rather high, and we promised that this wouldn't be the last time.

A picture I took of the 2 bus tickets for the day.

Now, it's going to be another week of work, fortunately interrupted by CNY. I've never looked forward to Chinese New Year so much since I was a kid. LOL

Alor Setar

Here are a few pictures I took while in Alor Setar. It's a quiet place and the tallest building there is the Alor Setar tower or whatever it's called. No other skyscrapers like in Georgetown.

Nah. This tower. Took this while senior was driving.

We got lost several times although Alor Setar wasn't big, and we kept passing by the tower. I got lots of chances to photograph it. Due to my very limited skills, that photo above is the best I got after many shots. My senior must be wondering why I'm so sampat LOL

This was taken from the window of our hotel room. I'm always first to wake up.

A short while later when it was brighter.

Over there we usually start work at the client's place at around 8.30am, all the way until 8pm, then we go back to the hotel and continue until past 12am. So when we go to sleep we're completely exhausted. I'll be going back for 3 to 4 days next week, so it'll be several more late nights. I'm going to sleep at least 10 hours every day this weekend. Hahaha

Straits Quay

After a tougher-than-usual week, I finally got the chance to meet my buddies again. We went to Botanical Garden to jalan-jalan, then for dim sum. The usual Saturday morning routine whenever we meet up. But after that we went somewhere new. Straits Quay! I've been hoping to visit the place. It's still new and there's not much there yet, especially during the day time, but it's very nice. I really like it.

I like the concept :D

Imagine it must be quite nice out here at night if they get their lighting right.

背影 LOL

More 背影... it's the easiest to capture with my phone.

Reminder to self: visit again at night.

Next week I'll be spending all the weekdays in Kedah. Alor Setar. I've never been there before, so again it's something new. Just hope the workload doesn't knock me out...haha

CNY Shopping

I bet you all know Chinese New Year is around the corner. No? Well now you do. And, to prepare for the festivities, there's always some shopping to do.

I'm okay with shopping. No problem. CNY ma. Sure need to buy lots of things. Everywhere also sale. Everywhere also CNY discount.

Only parking fee no discount.

However, there's always one part I hate about CNY shopping. Looking for my own clothes. I know a lot of people who have no problem when it comes to buying their own clothes. But me? No no no. I can walk around the whole supermarket for hours buying nothing. My only consolation is that I'm getting the exercise I need.

The sales people must be suspecting I went there for an evening walk.

I know this post is pretty lame, but so be it. Haven't had much to write about lately. Since I bought nothing it's going to be several more visits to the supermarkets until I eventually get something. Hopefully you're having a better time shopping than I am.

It's 2011!!!

Alright, I know I'm declaring this several days late, but at least I did declare it. Interestingly, the first movie I watched for the year was a Korean horror movie. Watched it with Zhong Yang, a guy crazy enough to follow me into the cinema. It was about a mad, sadistic genius of a killer attempting to murder a bunch of high school students in the most creative and bloody way possible. I found myself constantly wondering where the director and scriptwriter got their ideas from. No doubt their imagination is pretty wild.

It's been a long time since I've got the chance to see people stab themselves repeatedly with pens, get impaled by dozens of flying nails and cooked in oven-like chambers. Oh, and they had to forcefully hang their friend in order to escape alive. Hmm.

At this point I'm beginning to notice my first post for the year is oozing with violence. Time to change the tone.

Busy as I am, I'm beginning to like my job (well, at least some parts of it). So I just might be able to survive till the end of February, when they let me off. Now that's wonderful news indeed. Another piece of good news is that I've successfully completed TAFE. Passed everything. It's the first step. We can always talk about grades later. After all, a grade is just a grade. There are many little things in life that matter more.

Oh, and feel free to date me out on weekends. If my bosses don't send me to another middle-of-nowhere overtime stocktake, I'll try my best to meet you.