Beach Art

I learned the Australians build sculptures and place them on Cottesloe beach once a year. This show of creativity involves artists exhibiting their artwork on the stretch of sand making up the famous beach, where many flock to during the summer for a picnic/swim/surf.

My visit to Cottesloe was an entirely spontaneous decision made at 11.30pm Saturday. Cottesloe beach is delightfully tranquil come nightfall, with the only downside being me unable to take very clear photos of the beach art.

This I think was made out of paper mache.

A crocodile made out of fish nets.

Some joker decided to build a jumping skeleton.

This is my favourite. They're like wind turbines made out of bamboo.

When the blades spin, the turbines emit a humming noise. The pitch depends on the height of the stick. Fascinating!

A bunch of toys hanging from a tree.

Rolling pin...

...complete with victims and perpetrators! Haha

Car accident? No. This was another piece of creative artwork.
Aluminium rotors spinning in the wind. They look like they're floating, but they're actually tied to trees.

I wonder why we never get such exhibitions in Malaysia. It would be pretty cool, since Penang has some reasonably clean beaches (Batu Ferringhi/Tanjung Bungah) suitable for such an event. Vandalism would be a problem, I guess. 

Hello Again, Perth

Few classes, but heavy duty. I believe that sums up my final semester. And for those that do not know, I'm back in Perth. It's going to be my base of operations again, at least for the next few months until I graduate. Do I intend to stay on after that? Well heaven knows.

For now, it's back to doing my own laundry, housekeeping and cooking with Master Chef Zhong Yang. Time to work some magic in the kitchen again! Being away from home isn't always bad. You get to meet new people, do some crazy stuff you would never do at home and experience new cultures.

Oh, and you get to watch late night horror movies with friends and tease them when they scream their lungs out. That has to be a highlight.

Goodbye Penang!

In less than 6 hours, I'll be on a plane to Singapore, then Perth. So here's a shoutout to my number one island, Penang! Goodbye and see you in a few months, when hopefully, the country has observed a spectacular election and is being run by a better government.

Only when we leave do we ever realise there's no place like home. But to do great things, one has to take brave steps. Even if it means going someplace far away from home.

May we all achieve the great things we leave home for.