Work Comes...

...in the form of a huge stack of law books.

Corporate Law and Friends. The new kids on the block (in this case, blog).

Hiding behind the book with the frog is 3 thick volumes of Corporate Legislation, averaging out at 5cm thick per volume. It is believed that reading them as "light" reading will blow your brains into oblivion, therefore I'll only use them as reference.

Yeah about the frog... it's a bookmark. Cute eh?

The arrival of these new books means it's time to start on the law assignment. It's fun, fascinating and frustrating at the same time. At present levels of efficiency I will be lucky to make any progress at all, but eventually I'll make progress. I think. Haha :P

The Week's Updates

First up, BANANAS. I know they probably don't mean anything interesting to you, but I'd like to show a rather tiny comb found in my Grandma's garden. She probably has enough banana plants in her garden to feed the entire neighbourhood. No kidding.

To the left is your typical banana comb. To the right is the tiny comb.

As you can see, I was pretty free during the first week of the semester.

The ridiculous amount of these yellow fruits in my house probably caused me some stomach problems later in the week, but I'll spare you the details.

Next, a less organic topic. Semester 4. The timetable was nice until it became well... not so nice. Unless you like classes on Saturday. You probably already know this if you read my classmates' blogs. Nearly all of them mention Saturday's tax class in one way or another. In usual fashion, the first week means not much teaching and not much work. So you've got plenty of time to hang around or hang yourself. OK that was pretty random. Never mind. This semester we got both tax and law coming at our throats. Potentially damaging but hopefully we'll find our way through like last time.

Oh... and you'll love to hear that our friends, the Master Tax Guide, will soon have friends from the corporate legal sector joining them. 3 thick volumes of corporate legislation. I love everything about the new books except their price tags. Not unusual. I'll probably matchmake my 3 volumes of tax guide with the 3 volumes of corporate law. After all, every hero needs a matching heroine. But more of that next time.

Life's Simple Lessons Part 2

A summary of a few interesting lessons I accidentally taught myself, and some accidentally taught to me within the past week. Some of you may be able to pinpoint the origin of the lesson itself :-) Enjoy.

1. Many who fail to taste the grapes declare the grapes to be sour. Sometimes they may be ABSOLUTELY RIGHT.

2. CONFIDENCE plays a crucial role in success, but it is also the reason why some superstar wannabes become the joke of the century.

3. For one to make a wrong choice is normal. For MANY people to make the same OBVIOUSLY wrong choice is jokebook material, or probably the greatest insult to human intelligence ( or in the case I observed, human eyesight).

4. The FLU BUG is in love with me.

5. My lack of FORESIGHT may be causing me more problems than I actually realize, but this ain't new.

6. Just because medicine looks tasty DOES NOT mean it really is that delicious.

7. NEVER punch a werewolf in the face. It hurts you more than it hurts IT.

8. Just because you lost the girl of your dreams to a VAMPIRE does not mean certain doom. You can always build a business empire SELLING BISCUITS. ( As long as you've been to the cinema lately and have a basic knowledge of biscuit brands, this one should get to you )

Sunrise On The Sea

Got these while floating on international waters. It's a pity there were clouds on the horizon that blocked out the orange ball that I was hoping to photograph, but the sky's colour was quite nice anyway. So I post lah.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Unofficial Results Day

Unofficial results means you only know if you pass or fail. If you manage to pass everything, then you will be blessed with a fuss-free entry into Semester 4. Most of my friends and I got through, without many casualties. Phew...

So after making sure our results were correct and that we really really really really passed, we went on to register for Semester 4. It was, after all, the only sane thing to do after passing that er... action-packed tax paper.

Realising we were finally able to eat and sleep in peace, we celebrated by watching a really... weird movie. Some Thai ghost story. Observing the rest of the audience, there were more blank stares and yawns than screams. You get the picture.

After the movie that clearly did not justify its ticket price, we just walked around.

*Photos courtesy of Zhong Yang

The guys.

Kesian Faiye satu orang hahaha.

Into The Bushes

That's just a title. I did not enter any bushes. I may have nothing to do but I have better things to do than that. Zhong Yang and I explored the hill behind his house, and I just wanted to share some photos of well... plants. I know you might have seen them before, but humour me. Like I said, I have nothing to do.

Morning Glory


Bamboo. Without the buffet.

The way uphill. With banana plants.

More bananas.

and MORE bananas.


Finally, something that's not pisang.

Capturing clouds, something Zhong Yang taught me.

More clouds.

Yes another cloud.

There was a shrine mid-way.

Ah yes. And finally, the 2 jokers that went on the expedition.

The World Cup And I

You know there was once a time when the word 'cup' only brought thoughts of this thing.

Yes. Cawan.

Now the word seems to be associated more with football than anything else. Yep with the World Cup on, my Facebook wall frequently gets stuffed with all kinds of statuses that I can't understand. Ah yes did I mention I don't keep track of football? Come on you don't have to keep track of football to be human, right? Or is this one of the reasons I have people declaring I'm not human? Hmmm...

Fortunately, I have learned something from this whole World Cup thingie. That is, there is such a musical instrument known as the Vuvuzela! A very unique name for an equally unique instrument I'd say.

But it still beats me why people have to blow this horn... I mean Vuvuzela during a football match. Does it have an underlying meaning for the locals? I think the reason should be built on something along that line. The only other reason I can think of is that the loud noise covers your voice and allows you to curse any player on the field without others noticing.

I have also been made aware of the fact that this year's football frenzy was not without drama and surprise. I owe all this info to my Facebook wall. It seems certain big names have made early exits (well, earlier than they were supposed to exit, anyway). I believe lots of gamblers have lost their bets due to this unfortunate turn of events. In addition, everyone seemed particularly frustrated about a goal that was supposed to be a goal... darn what am I trying to say... I mean an unrecognised goal that was supposed to be a recognised goal in a match involving England. Poor Englishmen. Even Robin Hood could not have saved them.

Oh, and there's also interesting news about an octopus that has mastered the ancient Gypsy art of fortune-telling, and better still, does not require a crystal ball to identify the winner in a football match. Amazing eh? I'd like to meet this octopus one day. It would be nice to know each other over a cup of tea.

That said, enjoy watching your World Cup, and keep me updated on Facebook. :)

Hill Climb

Just last Wednesday we went to Youth Park to hike. It's been a long time since I last went hiking. Good to finally get some exercise. Also takes my mind away from the frequent rain flooding my veggies. But that's a different story.

So... Youth Park. Going there makes you feel young again (it says YOUTH right?). Perfect for hiking unless you get lost halfway and end up in Batu Ferringhi. Nothing bad will happen to you unless you roll down and break a few ribs, or meet a blood-thirsty serial killer, or step on the tail of a cobra, or get struck by lightning, or get chased by a Sumatran Rhino or Siberian Tiger or Polar Bear (optimism can drive you a long way).

That said, we happily ascended the hill with nothing to disturb us except a few mosquitoes, one of the few organisms on the planet not bothered by the World Cup.

View from the resthouse. You can see it's raining towards the right.

Hi everyone.


On the way down.

Finally one pic with everyone facing the front.

Makan time. Introducing the ultimate Guru of Dim Sum, shown here demonstrating his legendary skills at sterilizing cutlery.

Mickey Mouse with a... er... bad ear day.

Cheers pal!