Belum Habis Sudah Chuan...

Yes I know you know I know you know that I am halfway through my finals. AND I know you know I know you know that I know you're wondering why I still have time to update sini. Weekend already lah I type sikit cannot meh? So many papers very chuan you know?!

Then we just survive financial accounting only next week 七早八早 have to face management accounting. After that we have that god forsaken tax paper which I have been cursing since I knew I had toenails. Hopefully won't curse till fail. That said, at least we have a 3-day break before moral. Another 干拿赛 memorise memorise memorise paper. No confidence also have to 照杀. Jiao shat. Then got external law paper...

So geli wan. Blek. Wish me luck la.

Pantun Long Piak

Mukanya licin putih berseri
rasanya rata sejuk sekali
wahai kawan saudara saudari
inilah dinding nama diberi.

Demikian dirinya sunyi dan sepi
tiada geraknya sepanjang hari
jangan disangka senang dibuli
kalau ditumbuk tanganmu rugi.

Dengarlah sahabat kawan dan rakan
bila engkau berjalan-jalan
mata harus pandang ke depan
dinding jangan engkau langgarkan.

Bila dilanggar dari hadapan
sakitnya terus menusuk badan
depan belakang kiri kanan
semua pedih tidaklah hairan.

Bila dilanggar dari tepi
tak kisah kanan ataupun kiri
mungkin patah tangan dan kaki
lebih baik dilanggar lori.

Maka habislah cerita ini
tapi aku sarankan lagi
bila berjalan berhati-hati
dinding jangan dicium nanti.

Zhong Yang's Birthday

This is a short update on Zhong Yang's birthday. You won't believe how many people have their birthdays in October. There are still several more coming up. Popular month to be born I guess. Celebration at that El Mondo Pizza place. Lucky we had the vouchers from the prom night, or none of us would have dared to set foot in that place.

I normally don't post pictures of dessert, unless you count that photo of Thai dessert some time ago, but the apple pie just looked too cute. Anyway, happy birthday Zhong Yang, and welcome to the league of 18-year-olds.


Yes, Prom. I Know.

It takes quite some time to compile all the photos, so couple that with a pretty bad memory and you know why I'm nearly 2 days late on updating about Friday's prom. Before I start however, I would like to credit all the sources of photos. Yes there are MANY sources. Never so many. Most of them originate from Facebook albums. So I would like to record my gratitude to all my classmates who brought cameras to the Prom and made good use of them. Terima kasih banyak-banyak, jasamu akan kukenang sehingga ke akhir hayat.

And for those who don't know, the prom was at E&O hotel. Huan Li's GPS told us to take a right turn at a junction where it was obvious a right turn could not be made. Put us in quite a peculiar situation. So never trust technology too much, hehe.

We arrived at E&O at about 6pm. Early so we could walk around and talk nonsense. And yes, it was quite something to see everyone in formal wear. I had problems recognising some of my classmates (this is a compliment, mind you). They just looked so different.

I don't have time to tell the whole grandmother story. I'll leave it to my grandma who knows as much about blogs as I know about garden snails. Instead I'll just throw all the photos at you.

Baru sampai. This was taken behind E&O.

Ah Ken!

One of my favourites. Thanks Sheralyn for the shot (I hope I'm thanking the right person).

Some of the early arrivers.

At the lobby.

One shot with all the VIPs in it. Wait NEARLY all. Haha.

The ballroom.

The stage. Thanks whoever who took this. I gave up after several shots that turned out blur.

One of the two tables with our pals.

This one was my table. Nombor sembilan.

Zhong Yang.

Fountain of... what wine or grapejuice?

Prom King nominees. Some of my classmates nearly hit the jackpot.

Prom Queen nominees, Again some of my classmates nearly hit the jackpot.

This was taken before we balik. Was rather late already.

This one too. Before balik.

Eyes cannot open already. Again before I close shop I would like to thank all my classmates who uploaded most of these photos onto Facebook. I know it takes a bloody long time to do the uploading, so again my sincere thanks for providing a source of photos other than my little phone.