Die Hard Basketball Fans

When the guys want to play basketball, nothing seems to be able to stop them. Not even slipping and sliding in the rain. People may see us as escapees from Tanjung Rambutan, but, like Wei Zhe said, if you've got a group of people joining you, it's no longer considered mad. Very true. Try dancing by the road alone tomorrow. The next day, try dancing by the road with a group of friends. You'll get the idea.

Just look how wet the ground is. It's like a mirror!

Wet ground doesn't mean you can't score!

One problem with playing in the rain? Things get really dirty XD

Spring Break

Around this time in Australia it's spring.

No not this spring.

That's more like it.

So in TAFE we get our spring break. No sign of spring here, but we get the holiday anyway, and we're not complaining.

The common misconception is that we're so bored we spend our time throwing paper planes into our neighbours' fishpond.

Haha we wish we had the time to do that.

Unfortunately, we're stuck knee-deep in assignments. Well there are not that many, but the ones we have require lots of research to be done. Just like the word 'research' suggests, I end up searching once, finding out that it's wrong, searching twice, finding out that it's wrong again, and searching the third time. REsearch indeed, in every sense of the word.

On the upside, we are assured of an action-packed holiday, with not a single second of boredom expected. It's the next best thing to having your socks washed.

So I'll see you again when my time permits. For now, it's back to beta coefficients and risk management strategies.

Saja-saja Update Again

Ah... got time to blog. But what should I talk about? Hmm...

I think it would not seem out of place for me to wish everyone 中秋节快乐. Yes happy er...Mid Autumn Festival. You do not need to be a genius to know that I'm one day late in conveying this greeting. Lately the nerves in my cerebrum seem to be tangled, so small pieces of data like dates and time get jumbled up. Just yesterday I suddenly thought it was still August. A few days before I could have sworn it was October already. I'm all better now. I know it's November.

There's a piece of mooncake waiting for me downstairs. I can sense it. I better do something to it before some cicak decides to have it for supper. Later.


Last Week

After Ah Faiye's farewell, there were a series of other events, none unfortunate fortunately. This update is essentially a summary of everything.

First things first. The Malaysia Day outing that had nothing to do with Malaysia Day.

Found our way to botanical garden in BanKorh's Pajero.

Pi jalan-jalan. Like all the uncles and aunties we met there.

For some reason I like this photo. Credits go to Y.B. Lim Zhong Yang.

After jalan-jalan, fill stomach. Dim sum breakfast.

After breakfast, we went to Wei Zhe's house. Yep that's him. Sorry Wei Zhe :P

There's pretty much to do in his house. For instance researching Softoyology.

Oh and we also went to McD, and yeah the photo says everything.

That's one out of the way. Next is Dee Sheng's not-so-formal mini farewell. He's leaving for Russia. Another doctor in the making. Hopefully, the idea of parachuting chickens onto Bangladeshi soil will not get to his head, or I'll have to spend my life balancing chicken accounts (I promised to do that when I was in Form 5).

The story begins with a unique pose by Dato' Khoo.

Cangkerik Teoh, equipped with helmet in Kim Gary Gurney.

Lost but found again, Soon Yeang our CEO, sharp as ever.

Say hi.

Say bye... to the guy in red that's leaving. Good luck and call us whenever you're back!

Oh, and never use a RM10 note to pay for a RM2 parking fee. 16 50cent coins...

That's that, and to end the update, here's what you do when the rain gets to you even if you're eating under a roof.

Bukalah payung. After all, that's what umbrellas are made for.

Faiye's Farewell

After lots of planning and several weeks, probably amounting to months, we finally gave Faiye the farewell she deserved before she leaves for UK this weekend. Honestly I found myself not of much use in the process, as most of the work was art and craft. Zhong Yang's element. If I drew a cow you would probably think it's a table fan. Or a laser pistol. Whatever. So I helped out with the bits and pieces instead :-)

Anyway on that day we reached the agreement that Winter Warmers Queensbay would probably ban us for life. We made so much noise in there, people would have thought the restaurant was giving out free gold. Well at least we can tell Faiye did appreciate the farewell very much. Oh, and we celebrated her birthday on the same day too. It was a little weird to first present her with a cake, then a farewell card. Hmm...

Due to the fact that I did not know green tea had so many variations (well, it's green! that's it, what else?!) my friends helped me choose a type of tea called Gunpowder. Holy smokes violence has gone to the teacup! Fortunately, there was nothing really explosive about the tea. It just tasted a little different, maybe stronger than usual. I don't know. I don't specialize in tea.

Explosives aside, after hanging around Queensbay for the rest of the day, we took a ferry to the mainland and sent our little friend into her parents' car. One person less in the gang now. Not the happiest of events, but well... we saw it coming. Hopefully when she comes back one day, we'll meet and tell stories again.

Bankorh's work. Nice group photo.

The back of the large card designed for her. All messages and signatures.

Taken on the ferry. Guess lah who is who.

Some Wisdom to Share

"Wisdom" is defined by the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary as "the ability to use your knowledge and experience to make good decisions and judgments". Here I would like to share with all of you a short piece of wisdom, but unfortunately, my "ability to use my knowledge and experience to make GOOD decisions and judgments" is normally a bit... off target. Humour me anyway.

We all know what synonyms are, right? Good. Now consider this sentence.

He is happy because he can sit on the stool at his convenience and pat his donkey.

Now we will witness the power of synonyms.

He is gay because he can sit on the sh*t at his toilet and pat his ass.

Thank you for allowing me to share this little piece of wisdom. Have a pleasant day.

只是想 Update Sahaja

最近 not that 我 tak ada apa nak 说, it's just that I have 这样多东西 untuk tulis tetapi no time to 写. However as usual 我还是会抽空 to update blog saya sebagai usaha untuk relieve stress 和浪费 a bit of 时间.

If I don't update nanti blog aku 死气沉沉 punya. After seeing it aku rasa 不爽. Oleh itu I will still 到此处 write some 废话. I tak kisah that 这些 nonsense 不 relevant punya.

好了, saya nak pergi 睡觉 already, or else 明天 tak boleh wake up. Good 夜.