Last Week

After Ah Faiye's farewell, there were a series of other events, none unfortunate fortunately. This update is essentially a summary of everything.

First things first. The Malaysia Day outing that had nothing to do with Malaysia Day.

Found our way to botanical garden in BanKorh's Pajero.

Pi jalan-jalan. Like all the uncles and aunties we met there.

For some reason I like this photo. Credits go to Y.B. Lim Zhong Yang.

After jalan-jalan, fill stomach. Dim sum breakfast.

After breakfast, we went to Wei Zhe's house. Yep that's him. Sorry Wei Zhe :P

There's pretty much to do in his house. For instance researching Softoyology.

Oh and we also went to McD, and yeah the photo says everything.

That's one out of the way. Next is Dee Sheng's not-so-formal mini farewell. He's leaving for Russia. Another doctor in the making. Hopefully, the idea of parachuting chickens onto Bangladeshi soil will not get to his head, or I'll have to spend my life balancing chicken accounts (I promised to do that when I was in Form 5).

The story begins with a unique pose by Dato' Khoo.

Cangkerik Teoh, equipped with helmet in Kim Gary Gurney.

Lost but found again, Soon Yeang our CEO, sharp as ever.

Say hi.

Say bye... to the guy in red that's leaving. Good luck and call us whenever you're back!

Oh, and never use a RM10 note to pay for a RM2 parking fee. 16 50cent coins...

That's that, and to end the update, here's what you do when the rain gets to you even if you're eating under a roof.

Bukalah payung. After all, that's what umbrellas are made for.


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