This post is badly overdue. Why? Cuz once I came back from Perth, there were some favourable results from the job search process. I am still unemployed, but I aim to be employed pretty soon. There was a hold up because I had an interview scheduled and stuff. So yeah, this post is late. So be it.

Not all the following photos will not be accompanied by the usual descriptions because there really is not much to say. Our smiles speak for themselves. It's great to have family and friends celebrate such a memorable event with me. The journey would never have been possible without them.

Thank you Papa and Mummy!

My comrade.
Zhong Yang. Eyes shut.

Me. Eyes shut.

Looks like I have my eyes shut again. Cameraman needs better timing.

Friend, you were supposed to exit the stage BEHIND the curtain. Heh heh.


Eh, damn I'm short...

Thank you Flat 28 for the souvenirs! Wish I could frame the thing.

Glad to say that I finally got my award certificate. But more importantly, I also got myself friends, experiences and memories that money can't buy. That certificate may be crucial for my first job, but friendships last a lifetime. 16 years to achieve this, and I can proudly say the journey was not in vain!

Hello Perth

I'm typing from the hotel in Perth. Going to get some rest before the big day tomorrow but decided to post a photo. Today we were all in campus to collect our regalias and pose for some pics. So here's one for the record.

Mortarboards in the air people! Mine flew a bit too high so it's not in the picture. Whoopsies. More updates due after I'm done with the ceremony proper. Cheers.

Off to Graduation!

I'm writing this 4 hours before boarding my flight to Perth. Why? Because I'm freaking graduating of course! And there's a ceremony to attend! Will be going with Papa and Mummy. Glad to have a chance to finally show them Perth. It's a bit hard for them to imagine what the city looks like relying purely on my stories.

My bro stays home as a security guard. He has a firearm license (yeah right) so stay away from my home unless you want your shirt accessorized with bullet holes. He probably uses gummy bears as bullets by the way.

And here's a happy graduation to myself. Happy Graduation Ewe Juan. Further updates will be available when I'm back in a few days.