The Adventures of Ewe Juan in Assignmentopia: Episode 2

Weeks have passed since the super villains initiated their plan to overwhelm the college students of Assignmentopia with a huge lump of assignments. The stench of evil has defiled the once peaceful and harmonious land of Assignmentopia. As Ewe Juan the adventurer and his friends the Master Tax Guide, terribly outnumbered, fight an invading army of assignments, the masterminds behind the invasion have unleashed their new weapons against our heroes.

The evil Taxman has announced the arrival of two allies, the mad genius Dr Baker and the ruthless Count Kirby. Together, they will unleash their secretly developed weapon, Assessment 1, against our heroes anytime soon!

And that is not the end of it! Internal Controlius has launched his Ultra Plasma Organic Neutralizer Beam satellite into space, named simply as Assignment 2, the satellite will be able to completely destroy cities within seconds (GASP!). AND as if matters are not complicated enough, Business Planatus has revealed his ultimate superweapon, code-named THE DEADLINE, which will be activated to suffocate all inhabitants of Assignmentopia by FRIDAY!!!

But FEAR NOT, CITIZENS! Ewe Juan has destroyed Internal Controlius's first weapon, the Assignment 1, in a fierce battle in which Assignment 1 was blown up by Ewe Juan's newest weapon, named Off_Facebook 'n' Do_Assignment.

Spurred by the victory, Ewe Juan and his friends now work against time to defeat Business Planatus once and for all, by beating THE DEADLINE!!!

They are hopelessly outnumbered.

Precious seconds are ticking away.

The Taxman, Dr Baker and Count Kirby are hot on their heels.

The people of Assignmentopia are only left with ONE hope.

Will our heroes succeed in their attempt to save the day once again?! Or will they finally be crushed by the evil forces invading Assignmentopia?! These questions, AND MORE, answered in the next episode of 'The Adventures of Ewe Juan in Assignmentopia'!!!

I'm Back!

Now that I have a bit of time to cakap allow me to explain my mysterious hiatus from blogging for the past 3 weeks.

I was involved in the preparation of the INTI Horror Fest, organised by SOBA (School of Business and Accounting for those unfamiliar with the term). In the process I have grown a lot wiser, and have gained priceless experience especially in the field of tomb and coffin making.

Coffins out of cardboard, that is.

No, nobody died. Those are just decorative items.

Yes, coffins as decorative items. I'm not joking folks.

After all, it's a HORROR fest. What's a horror fest without coffins? Or eerie sculptures and eyeballs and spiders?

Hectic and busy as it was, it was actually fun. You don't get to stay late in college and do messy work everyday you know? And the committee actually managed to build a kind of haunted tunnel. Very ambitious, but it worked out. Impressive, I must say.

Somehow they had the guts to allow me to build most of the game booth stuff with Victor (he's a nice guy), and help coordinate some program flow on the actual day. A daring move, as I've never done anything like that before. Fortunately I managed, albeit a few glitches here and there. It's a tiring job, but very fulfilling at the same time.

Of course, the best part is meeting lots of new friends from other semesters and programs. There are actually a lot of nice people out there. Now that's a happy thought.

If I had less assignments, I would have willingly did it all over again. Indeed, the one perfect word to describe the Horror Fest is undeniably "Wow!".

Before Ewe Juan continues his battle in episode 2 of the Assignmentopia series, he would like to thank everyone for giving him the opportunity to help out in the Fest, and in having the confidence in him even when he saw nothing but dead ends.


The Adventures of Ewe Juan in Assignmentopia

Once again, Ewe Juan the not-so-adventurous adventurer finds himself stuck in the terrifying world of Assignmentopia, where college assignments rule with an iron fist, depriving all college students of time to do anything except assignments (not so true, this college student still has time to update his blog).

So, who is our adventurer up against this time? The supervillains have been named as the much-feared Business-Planatus and his assistant, Internal-Controlius. They have hatched an evil plan to suffocate all college students with an unbearable workload(GASP!), and more bad guys will be appearing, including the well-known exam-fail-inducer Taxman(Oh NO!).

However, fear not, for our adventurer is not alone in his battle against the evil assignments. 3 superhero brothers have come to his aid! They are known only as 'Master', 'Tax' and 'Guide'. Together, they form the superhero squad 'Master Tax Guide', and have fought the evil Taxman for the past 437 years.

The fate of Assignmentopia lies in the hands of Ewe Juan and his 3 friends! Will they succeed in defeating the forces of evil?! Or will they fall prey to the evil plan of Business-Planatus and his cronies?! Stay tuned to find out, in the next episode of 'The Adventures of Ewe Juan in Assignmentopia'!!!