Here are some mushrooms I found in my garden. It has been a rainy week, so the mushrooms are growing like there's no tomorrow. Since there are so many of them, I won't be worried about zombies walking across my garden to eat my brains. A computer game taught me that mushrooms can shoot spores at the undead :D

Hiding under the grass.

Out in the open.

If you're small enough you can hide under it!

This is an odd one out, and there was only one in the whole garden.

These pure white ones used to grow in my garden, but I found them outside instead.

There are a lot more outside the garden. Much taller and bigger. One actually grew to the size of my palm, but it has dried up. Too bad. They don't last long.

Fruits Not Seen Every Day

Recently my mum went to the Jelutong market and came back with a bag full of fruits that I haven't eaten in a long time. So I decided to take a picture to add some colour to the online asylum. Hey, fruits are good for you. They contain lots of fibre and ensure you do not get constipated.

Even Ewe Juan the adventurer from Assignmentopia recommends eating fruits for good health. He takes a lot of them ad therefore rarely gets constipated. He told me just yesterday.

The colours resemble traffic lights slightly.

I'm sure you recognise the shiny, reddish black ones. They are cherries, and seem to be in season now. You can grab them at any morning market.

The big yellow balls are known as Buah Stan. Something like that. They contain more fibre than edible flesh, but have a very nice sour taste with a hint of sweetness. There's a Buah Stan tree outside Botanical Garden. It's very tall, and if you're not careful it'll rain these fruits on you. I had to throw these fruits on the floor to break them open (seriously), so you don't want them hitting you on the head.

The tiny green things are known as Eu Kam in Hokkien. According to my mum, people usually preserve them in salt before eating them, for a very good reason. I tried eating one in the photo (obviously not preserved) and it was bitter like hell. Very bitter, and sour at the same time. However when you finally get yourself to swallow the whole of that tiny fruit, you will start to get a sweet taste deep in your mouth. It comes slowly. Pretty cool.

And that ends today's unusual fruits lesson. Try your luck and see if you can find the fruits I've written about.

Horrible Bosses

I've seen and heard of some really bad bosses (and I mean REALLY bad), but I haven't seen bosses quite as bad as these...

Pray that you never get bosses like them. I mean it. Fortunately for me, when I work on my assignments, I am my own boss. I call the shots.

And the boss says get my @** back to work now :P

The Adventures of Ewe Juan in Assignmentopia 2: Episode 1

No assignments were harmed in the making of this story.

A year has passed since the defeat of the evil Taxman at the hands of our hero, Ewe Juan, the mighty adventurer of the realm of Assignmentopia. For a year, the land of Assignmentopia was peaceful, and the people could finally live their lives without fear of stressful encounters with evil assignments.

Our adventurer has since retired to his Hut on top of the mountain called Pizza, and spends his time caring for his green bean plants. Everyday, he looks upon the the world spread below him, admiring the serenity that would not have existed if the Taxman was victorious in the final battle that seemed so long ago.

Today was just like any other day, with Ewe Juan enjoying the beauty around him.

A silent figure stood at the bottom of the mountain. His eyes never left Ewe Juan, but the adventurer did not seem to notice. A rush of wind pushed the grass into a deep bow. The mysterious figure's cloak rose and fell like a tide in the storm, but he did not show any signs of moving. An evil smile crept across his face...

His stare was finally broken by a deep voice behind him.

"He won't even know what hit him."

The cloaked figure laughed. An evil laugh that shook the trees around him and sent the birds fleeing out of fear.

" You're wrong, Portfolioman. I am the reason consumers despair after making a bad purchase. I am the reason the SATM Report exists. And I will be the reason this world falls into darkness..."

Pausing for a breath, the figure stares back at our hero above.

"I want him to know I defeated him. I want him to see this world turn to dust. I am the Dark Marketer, and he... is no match for ME".

As the 2 figures turn around and disappear into the woods, Ewe Juan continues to look into the distance.

He smiles, oblivious to the evil below.

It's Repaired (I Think)

The exclamation marks behind my blog have been eliminated. Of course, by now you would have noticed. Apparently there was a problem with all the urls that ended with .jpg and .png. I've removed them from my html code.

However, this does not mean that everything is functioning correctly here. I made the changes to the code myself, so there's no guarantee the problem is entirely solved. I'm not a professional. So far everything seems to be doing fine, but I can't be sure. So, if you notice something else is wrong, please please please leave me a note somewhere, or I wouldn't know.

Lastly, thanks for your patience while I searched for a solution. The Asylum is fully operational again!...I hope.

Oooh Look The Blog's Broken!

I don't know how long this is going to last, but since yesterday I've been seeing exclamation marks all over the blog. I know I write nonsense here, but come on... that's no reason to decorate my background with triangles and exclamation marks.

Oh, and due to the fact that I'm super busy now, I'm going to leave the not-so-lovely patterns on the blog for the time being. I read online that some bloggers are experiencing the same problem, so I'll take no action for a few days and see if the problem corrects itself.

Wise man say, no action, also course of action!

In fact, I'm only updating my blog because I'm currently fed up with my Economics research. Lots of information, but very little relevant information found. Haha...

So folks, if you see a freaky !!!!!!! pattern on my blog, it's not you. It's something wrong with the template. Don't send your pc for repair.