Brisbane 2

My account of Brisbane continues with photos of the city in daylight. As I previously mentioned, my camera was as good at capturing night time images as I was at piloting flying saucers, hence the limited photos of Brisbane nightlife in the previous post. Let's focus on what we can see in the city when it's illuminated by the sun.

Awesome architecture. Not unlike Perth.

I don't know what that is. Just decided to snap a photo.

That my friends, is a church.

We went in for a quick look. 

From someone that does not take sushi, I tell you this place serves great sushi.

Another pretty building.

Guy with phone spoils photo...

That's the CityCat. It ferries you across and along the Brisbane River.

Rain Forest Park, South Bank.

Also part of the Rain Forest Park.

Walked across this bridge to get back to the city from South Bank.

You can see part of the Maritime Museum from the Bridge.

Cannon! Kaboooom!!!

 That's a SCHOOL. Looks so pretty.

Oh, another picture of the CityCat, taken from aforesaid bridge.

Now THIS took my breath away. It was standing on a small cliff.

Every town has Chinatown.

And that concludes my second post on Brisbane. I'll be back again with more photos. Now I need to get some shut-eye.


All these updates are coming late but I'm trying to space them out so I don't jam the blog with one post per day. I consider that too much traffic. Too much traffic gives the impression that I'm too free... which isn't too far from the truth. Free only for now though. I have another internship starting next week. :)

Anyway, Brisbane. Ewe Juan the caveman sets his feet down on another Australian city. For a holiday.

Had a yummy breakfast upon touching down in Brisbane. Belgian Waffles!

Went to tour University of Queensland.

UQ is famous for its sandstone architecture.

A pretty campus indeed.

Indeed! Squawk.

Melissa, Shingun's friend and our gracious host in Brisbane, brought us up Mount Coot-Tha to enjoy the sunset over the city. It was too cold to hike to the waterfall/anywhere else, so we had to be satisfied with just enjoying the scenery. And we were.

Brisbane city before sunset, from the viewing point.

The city when it gets dark.

We then made our way down the mountain to have sushi, exploring parts of the city along the way.

A random photo.

This evil-looking building is a casino. Not Dracula's holiday villa.

 Across the Brisbane River is what they call the South Bank.

That's all for now. The next update will showcase photos of Brisbane City in daylight. My camera isn't a champion at low-light photo shooting. So I'm not showing off any more photos.

Jet Ski!

This post is dedicated to my first time riding a jet ski at more than 100km/h. The wind was so strong I could barely keep my mouth shut. And as the third and last person on the jet ski, I got the best of every bounce. By the end of the ride my jaw was loose and I could not feel my butt.

But it was well worth the excitement.

Ah Hao had to slowly back the jet ski into the water.

Jet ski! Vrooom!!!

Ahem. Please focus on the jet ski, not my thinning hair.

We saw seals!

Sunbathing I guess.

Rockingham Island, where you can find penguins. We did not find any though.

I have a video of seals swimming around our jet ski, but Blogger won't allow me to upload it. Maybe because it's too long. Too bad. That was the most memorable part of the jet ski ride. Imagine cruising along the coast with seals! Cool huh?

Around Perth City

This post is made up of photos of things I never really took notice of in Perth City. Apparently I notice different things about Perth when going out with different people.

A special thanks goes to Shingun for being my human GPS. She took only 1 day to remember roads I took 4 months to recognise. By the end of her first day in Perth she was already doing a lot better than Google Maps on my phone. Google Maps always led me to roads running parallel to where I wanted to be.


There's a little alley filled with these things in glass cases.

Pretty cool work ain't it?

Shingun introduces the joys of eating raw salmon :P

The Perth Museum, obviously ancient.

These are even more ancient.

This is the ceiling of the Perth Theatre near Northbridge.

Pray those cylinder thingies don't fall on you.

Stairway to Broadway!

The theatre has nice toilets. Fit for spending the night.

This is Crown, the casino/hotel/pub. It's designed like a building inside a building.

This is East Perth. Penang Bridge?

King's Park by night.Check out those awesome lights!

And this is Cottesloe Beach by night. The wind was so strong I could not keep my balance. Bad weather.

And another special thanks goes to the most spontaneous Ah Hau for offering to bring us around Perth in the dead of the night. By the time we got back to Erica Underwood, it was nearly 2am.

Unusual Ways to Cook Your Pasta

I'm back in Penang after holidaying in Perth and Brisbane, but more on that next time. Now after 2 weeks without any posting, here's my promised story about Zhong Yang's unique ways of cooking pasta.

You can only have that many bologneses, carbonaras and aglio olios. After some time, things get a bit dull and boring. So sometimes we decide to experiment with our pasta sauces.

Behold the master chef's creativity with the pan.

Pasta in curry sauce.

This was made with dark soya sauce.

Korean sauce. Slightly spicy.

This was made with bean paste. Also slightly spicy.

This... I can't even remember what sauce this was. Tell me if you know what it is!

I would like to thank the master chef for teaching me how to cook during my 4+ months in Perth. The lessons continue next year after I return for my final semester.