Ming's Birthday

My good bro's birthday. 26th April. Got him this thing at the bottom. It was one of the few of its kind within my budget. He liked it :)

I know it's big. So at least he won't lose it. Hahaha

His Angpow and cake. Angpow Papa and Mummy give wan.

Happy birthday Ming! (Eh why are you grabbing the camera...)

Short Update

Yes I'm still alive. For the time being. Been busy lately with all kinds of necessary and unnecessary work. That's why the Assignmentopia story was put on hold for that long. But that load of crap aside, for some reason I just want to announce that I'm now on my Autumn Break. I announce baru I syok.


wahhh so syok.

Fortunately or unfortunately this time the Autumn Break came with a four-day package of extra classes. On the bright side I won't have to worry about being bored.

Always look on the briiiight side of life!

Of course it's easier to say than do, but at least I say lar. Chat with you all next time. May the Force be with you.

Relax Sikit

Last Friday I went for the BBQ on the rooftop organised by the Horror Fest committee. The rooftop smelled like smoke. The food smelled like smoke. I smelled like smoke. Everything smelled like smoke.

That's why it was such a good BBQ.

Very nice to finally meet up with the Horror Fest group, which, despite having a horrifying name, proves to be a very pleasant group of people. So we cooked stuff over the charcoal and talked all sorts of rubbish. In the real spirit of a BBQ, you actually play and chat more than you eat. That's exactly how it was like.

It was 2a.m. when I reached home. Wah. So late.

Oh and before that I had the honour of playing basketball with Zhong Yang, Zheng Yang, Wei Zhe, Kai Wen, Ban Korh, Shun Mu and CS. Of course the ball played with me more than I played with the ball. The others were really good. Score points macam drink water. I different. If you drink water every time I score, then you would have dried up first. Hehehehehehhhh...

Ah yes and recently many events that would have qualified for Ripley's Believe It Or Not have happened. Most of these fall into the category of gossip, and me being myself, I'll say nothing about it. I'll just enjoy the show...

*I want my money back*

*I want my money back*

*Aih want ma money back*

just ennnjoyyyyy the showwwwwww...

The Adventures of Ewe Juan in Assignmentopia: Episode 3

The shrouds of darkness embrace the land of Assignmentopia. THE DEADLINE, Business Planatus's weapon of mass destruction, stands fully charged in his secret underground hideout. With just one push of a button, all inhabitants of Assignmentopia will die of suffocation.

The clock is ticking.

Time is running out.

Is there no one who can save Assignmentopia from such a gruesome fate?

Is there no more hope for the once harmonious land of Assignmentopia?




YES! Our heroes have stayed up all night to devise the one and only weapon that can destroy Business Planatus once and for all!!! Behold the super weapon codenamed Kompleted_@ssignment!!! With one shot from the Kompleted_@ssignment, THE DEADLINE is blown to bits and pieces!!! Assignmentopia is saved once again!!!

Left unarmed, Business Planatus is finally defeated by our heroes! The scars he has left on the land shall heal in time, for his evil is undone! Hurray!!!

BUT WAIT! Our heroes' celebration is rudely interrupted by an evil laugh...


Oh NO!!! It's the Taxman! With his cronies Dr Baker and Count Kirby! What evil have they brought?! Assessment 1!!! Their secretly developed weapon has been unleashed and our heroes only have till Tuesday to destroy it!

Once again with the help of the Master Tax Guide, Ewe Juan the adventurer continues his race against time, as the Taxman, Dr Baker and Count Kirby laugh at his desperate attempts to save Assignmentopia.

The evil of Taxman must not be allowed to prevail! But do our heroes have what it takes to do the job?! Will their attempts even prove to be a challenge for their powerful foes?! Attacked again and again by so many enemies, will they make it through to bring a better tomorrow for Assignmentopia?!

And what has Internal Controlius been up to?! His silence since the launch of his weapon, Assignment 2, has been most mysterious. What evil could he possibly be planning?!

The answers of previously asked questions only bring forth more questions! Assignmentopia lies at the brink of destruction, with only our adventurer and the Master Tax Guide standing in evil's way! But how long can they hang on like this?! Do they even have a fighting chance?! The battle continues, in the next episode of 'The Adventures of Ewe Juan in Assignmentopia'!!!

Finally Some Rest

After finally handing in one of the most troublesome assignments on the planet, I had some time to catch a movie with friends. It's an animation, but seriously, it was good. You can always count on Dreamworks to do an amazing job. Plus the soundtracks were really fitting. Yes I do keep track of movie soundtracks. Most of the time.

Yep, this movie. I like this picture very much, though i did potong some words from the bottom. It said 3D. I didn't watch 3D. Queensbay la where got 3D? But it was definitely worth the 6 bucks.

After that we went bowling. It was the second time in my life bowling after a disastrous attempt in Genting some years ago.

That's called a television screen. It shows the score. Ok la you know. The 'E' is me. Read the letters from the top down and we get 'KLES'. So what? I can hear you ask. So nothing la. I tell you shiok only. Heheheheh.

Recent events will require Assignmentopia to be updated. But it's 12am already. Tomorrow la. Nitez people.