Siput Again

Because we missed the beach and Ah Faiye did not get the chance to join us last time, we went back to the same spot to dig for clams. This time there were less people but more clams. Maybe because the clams were free after submitting their income tax returns on April 30. Just a guess.

Met at INTI at 7am because we did not want to get fried by the sun while digging. Went straight to Teluk Kumbar after that. After digging we visited both the Snake Temple and Than Hsiang. Wesak Day so it was crowded. Very 老热. It was something like a half day trip which ended in Faiye's apartment. We went there because we had nothing else to do.

Baru sampai. Only 7 something but surprisingly bright.

The girls on the wooden swing.

Before we started digging. Empty wan.

Bermulanya Kempen Mengorek Siput

Zhong Yang also digging.

Faiye used some of the clams to make those.

Not to forget Yang Berhormat Dato' Seri Wong Ban Korh.

Wonder who's idea it was to make Faiye a fixed asset.

There. A lot leh...

And we bury the clams back before we leave. A bit overcrowded.

Next stop: Snake Temple.

Snake Temple got....................snake.

Behind there is a Guan Yin shrine. Totally forgot. Haven't been there for a long time.

Snake in the pool without water.

THIS is how to park your car in INTI during a public holiday. So syok.

Wah. Very nice. The moral of this story is since you live in Penang Island, you might as well go to the beach as you are surrounded by it. You know uploading the photos means doing a lot of formatting and repositioning. My mouse... the type you connect to a computer, suddenly ki siao. So I did all the work using the touchpad on my laptop. I cannot feel my fingers already. So I better stop before my numb fongers stwrt makumg spelling misyakes.


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