Korek Siput

Not long ago V.K. Lingam wreaked havoc in Malaysian politics because of his "Correct, correct, correct" video. On Friday we followed his footsteps halfway by going "Korek" instead of "Correct". And no it did not have to do with politics.

We went to the Teluk Kumbar area to dig for clams (siput). I have only ever went digging with family. This is my first time bawa kawan pi. Fun you know, especially when you do manage to find something in the sand. Although sometimes the 'something' ends up to be a seaworm. But they don't bite. No worries.

After we could not find the energy to squat any longer, we had seafood by the beach. And since now it's past 12 and I'm lazy to tell more grandmother tales, I'll let the photos do the talking.

Baru start to dig.

Ban Korh always had his unique way of self-expression.

Happily making holes in the sand.

As you can see their sizes can defer.

There. The catch of the day. A lot you know.

Everybody says "Wowwwww"

And we send our friends home. Now you can see how many we got.

Habis korek, tunggu makan.

Birdseye view of our dinner.

Really enjoyable. No kidding. Hopefully next time we can go in a bigger group. More exciting.


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