Nothing In Particular

Ehh? Why so quiet ah? Something's missing. Yes the dee daa dee doo doo (or whatever) song's missing from my blog. Something's wrong with it, so I dropped it. I don't know about you, but I like that ridiculous (but somehow cute) song.

With some peaceful quiet to enjoy while I try to repair the song, let us chit chat about nothing in particular (oh no, it's yet another of those no-point blog entries).

'Nothing' is defined as 'not anything or not a single thing' in the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary (whoa, so deeeeep). 'In' is a preposition with a dozen meanings I decline to mention, and finally, 'particular' is defined as 'special or specific'. Hence, 'nothing in particular' means 'not anything that is special'. So Lorong Selamat's Char Koay Teow does not qualify as 'nothing in particular'. *For your information, that thing costs a bomb.

With nothing in particular to write about except nothing in particular particularly the definition of nothing in particular, I have to particularly mention that nothing in particular in my terms means nothing but nothing in particular. Confused? Good. Me too.

While you're wondering what's so particular about nothing in particular, I'll try to repair the whistling tune. If it gets back, you'll know. What do I plan to do after that? Well, nothing in particular.


  1. 魂·失 said...:

    lorong selamat one....honestly..... :S

    not nice not nice...summore so hse there eh better....if free u come i bring u makan.. xD

  1. Juan said...:

    whoa thanks boss!

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