A Peek Into My Head

I'm writing this because I feel like writing something but I don't know what to write about. So, what better to write about than my mysterious mind and what's been going on in it?!

Frankly speaking, my mind's not that mysterious. It feels oddly empty now, and it has never been full anyway. What can I say? My internal processor's on recession mode. Half the brain cells have been retrenched. (I don't intend to retrench any more, or I won't be able to differentiate a screwdriver from a nutcracker.)

Other than the debits and credits... and assets and liabilities and... okay enough. I sense some people are going to start throwing footwear at me if I continue talking about accounting principles and the like. Well my friend Ban Korh got himself 2 hamsters today for a good bargain, and I know it has nothing much to do with me, but little things like this get my mind moving. I think he hasn't given them names yet, and I suggested... well... I did say no more accounting but... I suggested... see the 2 words above in black. Stupid idea. Perhaps Huat and Chai?

Unless you hid in a cave gnawing on bones for the past few days, you would have realised that the new PM's up and about, with an all new LEANER and MEANER cabinet. Some people have been conveniently left out of the new cabinet line-up, and I am particularly pleased with that. As for our new cabinet, well nobody said politicians are lean. Most of them can boast of a fair amount of body fat (swt...), but mean, hey they can be really MEAN when they want to.

By the way, we're bidding bye bye to the bygone by-elections, so we'll have less political crap for some time. This crap usually builds up when elections close in, but don't worry, we do get a fair supply of it on any other day too. The status quo prevails in the tri-elections. Well it's good and bad at the same time. I do not wish to disclose my political preferences here, but my close buddies sure have an idea of which side I'm on.

It's quite amazing that although I've nothing to write about, I can still write what...5 short paragraphs till the one up there. I'm not boasting. I just wish to gauge the amount of rubbish I can write with zero inspiration. So you'd better hope I don't get inspired too frequently. Or you will be spending time reading a lot of crap... or you won't... you'll just boycott this blog altogether!

Oh no, now that's bad. VERY BAD! So I better stop here. Enough peeking into my head.


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