Autumn Break Has Broken Upon Us

There are no brown leaves to be seen but they call it an autumn break. No matter what it's called, it's still a 2-week holiday, so I'd be an idiot to be complaining about it's name.

Today's the last day at college before I make my absence felt for 2 weeks. How do I make my absence felt? The college temperature rises significantly. Why? Because together with my pals we do the world a service - preventing global warming by shooting cold jokes. It's going to be warm in INTI for some time, fortunately or unfortunately.

Last day it is, but it doesn't mean we can have fun. We faced another assessment today. To me it translated as another reminder of how careless I can be. Not that I care less, but I'm careless.

Having an assessment doesn't mean you can't have fast food.

We had lunch at McDonalds. The one in Pekaka. A cup of coke in one hand and a book filled with numbers in the other does give me inspiration. Inspiration to pour the coke on the book. My understanding of depreciation is depreciating, closing entries are closing their doors at me and balance day adjustments are are hanging in imbalance.

Okay maybe it wasn't that bad. Well, it's over and that means I can enjoy my holidays right?

Fat hopes, slim chances.

I've got 3 assignments competing for my time. One of them is particularly nasty. I'll have to turn the Prudential Insurance Company upside down in search of information. You think it's easy? I might as well be searching the north pole for air conditioners.

Well, to those in the same boat... hi and don't rock the boat. I'll get dizzy.


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