Durian Party V2.0

Some of the best things in life come with ugly thorns and 'smell like garbage'. According to my 8 year old American cousins. Well in that case, this garbage tastes really, really good.

All 16 of them.

These 2 bags are considered dessert.

Papa, as usual.

There is enough for everyone!

I'll miss these times sorely when I'm in Perth. 5 days left before the flight!

Durian Party

What's better than a family gathering?

A family gathering with durians! I feel soooo lucky to be able to taste durians before I go to Australia. I'm sure those Aussies are not very fond of the fruit. So good luck finding durians there.

Durians big and small.

Plus mangosteens.
Introducing Papa: Durian Expert.

Only my dad has time to make name cards for the durians.

I learned all my durian-opening skills from him.

Now THIS, is my absolute favourite.


The feast ends with the usual story telling session.

There will be a second durian party with more relatives attending the event. :D I'm pretty sure my European relatives won't like the fruit though. My American counsins ran for cover once my dad took out the durians. That's why you can't see them in the photos.

Pulau Aman

There's a pulau south of Penang island called Pulau Aman. Legend has it that a restaurant there serves good mee udang. It's true. Don't expect to taste heaven, but by my standards, the mee's good.

To get there from Penang island, you must first get to Batu Kawan on the mainland. You can walk, but I seriously suggest you drive. From Batu Kawan, you look for this jetty.

This one.

The ferry ticket to the island costs RM6 (2 way). You have to pay this sum if you don't intend to swim across. Unless you're a fish, I don't recommend swimming.

Here is where we board our ride across.

Enjoy the ride...

The ferry ride only lasts 5 minutes, give or take a little. You have to shout at your friends while on the sea, 'cuz the engine is so loud you wouldn't notice if an asteroid crashed behind you.

Welcome to Pulau Aman!

Pulau Aman is basically just a small island with an even smaller fishing village on it. The people there live simple lives, with fishes, prawns and poultry as company. The best way to explore the island is to go around on foot, although I heard there were bicycles for rent somewhere.

What are these folks doing by the beach?

Earning their catch!

The Pak Cik told us they were after little fishes and prawns.

I realised that the beaches on Pulau Aman were different from Penang's. In Penang you get sand. On this Pulau, all you get is pebbles.

Lots and lots of pebbles.

A walk around the coastline will lead you to a hiking track. Along the track you have an old Makam (tomb/graveyard in Malay). No pictures of that in case I snap something that isn't really there. You also get the Telaga Emas. Gold Well!

But where's the gold...

While hiking, watch your step and don't lean on any rocks.

Be observant and you'll notice some (crab?) traps the locals left in shallow water.

Now, makan. There you have to buy your own seafood from a middle man (he buys from the fishermen). Then you take your fish and prawns or whatever to the restaurant.

Regrettably, because of a fiasco involving some Hong Kong tourists booking all the mantis prawns on sale, I was too distracted to take photos of the mee udang. There are 2 types of noodles there: wet and dry. Both RM6 unless you have additional special requests.

This is the restaurant I'm yapping about.

It faces the sea.

Most people planning to have a feast there go for mantis prawns priced at RM40/kg. Those prawns are about 8 inches in length. However due to Hong Kong's big appetite, there were none left. So a kind fishermen gave Shingun a bag of a dozen small prawns (3 inches only) for free. Lucky us.

The restaurant will steam your seafood for you, and promptly bill you for the service.


After. I don't know why we had a stray crab there.

The mantis prawns, though small, were very, very, very sweet. The large ones must have been really good. Too bad our visit clashed with the tour group.

It's best you plan your visit on weekdays. According to the locals there, weekdays = less tourists. Less tourists = more seafood. More seafood = happier tummy.


Here's a short post featuring photos of my birthday celebrations with friends. Thank you all for your kind wishes and time!

A few of them celebrated earlier cuz they were holidaying soon. Mizi Bistro.

Cute cake.

Ahem. Nice random shot.

Those that did not go on holiday met me here instead.

Chronicles of a bad photographer.

The dessert looked nice.

Some of the friends around.

Some of the friends around II.

Some of the friends around III.

So many friend photos and yet I still missed Ken's and Karen's face. There's a good reason why dad lets my bro handle the camera.

Part of the cafe. Old is gold.

Abstract art. The cafe was also a motel or something.

Old coffee bean pounder? I have no idea.

21 years old now? I really should start acting my age.
Yeah, fat hopes.

New Intelligent Portable Handheld Touch-Configured Communications and Processing Device

Ewe Juan's birthday present arrives several days early this year.

All thanks to Papa and Mama for handling the $$$ part, and my bro for helping Mr Technological Dinosaur here choose the phone model.

The best part about owning a smart phone (this is my first by the way), is realising that the phone is indeed smarter than you. I'm used to having dumb but extremely obedient phones do my bidding without questioning my superiority. This time however I'm facing a device that has better multitasking abilities than I do. Normally only the laptop multitasks better than me.

This can only lead to one outcome.

I don't know how to use the phone.

I'm very well acquainted with poking and mashing buttons, but this time there's nothing to poke. In fact I'm told if I poke my new buddy too much, the screen will decide to break down and completely refuse to obey my commands. Geez.

Technology is growing too fast for old men like me.

Last Few Weeks

Exam's over. This means I'll be gone from Penang in about 3 weeks plus. Being a true Penangite, I suppose the best way so say goodbye to the island is to go around stuffing myself with all my favourite local food. Now's not the time to go on a diet.

And it's strictly LOCAL cuisine. I foresee that I'll have so much Western food in Perth, by the end of the year I'll be having nightmares of Pasta monsters with cheese guns trying to invade Earth. I'm not a fan of pasta. I prefer the local Wan Tan Mee. It's not like pasta doesn't taste good. It can be delicious, but Pasta and Ewe Juan just happen to come from different galaxies and don't see eye to eye.

Reliable sources have told me that the sun in Perth is bigger. I think they meant that it was brighter there. No cloud cover, perfect for sunbathing and frying yourself. Friends recommended that I get a pair of cool shades.

Hot guy in cool shades. I like that idea.

Hibernation Period

Dear readers and asylum regulars,

The asylum shall enter a period of hibernation until Friday (8 June 2012). This is to make way for examinations that asylum residents will be sitting for.

See you around next time!

Best regards
Asylum Management.