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Ladies and gentlemen (more gentlemen I think), recently a tagging game surfaced among the Council of the Wise (wise people with blog links stated by the side). It is the Council's wish that those tagged shall answer a list of questions that would reveal much but not too much about themselves.

I had the honour of being tagged by the Famed tskhoo (visit his blog and get wiser instantly). The list of questions is as below, but it's in Chinese. I'll be answering in English. My sincere apologies to those who can't understand Chinese, but you may be able to guess some of the questions from my answers.

So here goes...

Rule #1: 被点者请在自己的BLOG写下答案。
Rule #2: 请传给另外其他人。(至少3个) I only have ONE haha.
Rule #3: 传阅人请在这时个人的留言板中,告知他/她已被点名了。
Rule #4: 这些被点名者,被点的会得到幸福,愿望立刻实现。

你的绰号: I have no idea what this means( and it's only the first question).
年龄: 17 going on 18
星座: Gemini
兴趣: Interests? Gardening, talking crap, impersonating idiots(like myself)... you can see my profile for more.
专长: Errr... I think I'm good at talking rubbish just like my friends.

你有没有喜欢的人: I love all who deserve to be loved, but I put Family first.
是否在交往: Definitely yes.
现在幸福吗: Of course I'm happy. Happiness is a journey, not a destination.
如果上天给你勇气,你最想做的事是: Let go.
如果有一天你爱的人跟你告白,你会:Accept it and do a jig.

点你的人是: The Famed TSKHOO
他是你的: Good buddy.
他的个性: Happy-go-lucky, friendly guy, has more brains than 3 of me but is extremely humble, works harder than 974 bumble bees, helpful and is good company.
认识他多久: 9年++
你觉得他怎样: A gift from heaven to the face of the earth.
你想对他说什么:All the best in your SPM. Full As 99.99% yours.

最爱的节目:I don't exactly have one that I really like.
最爱的音乐:I like all sorts of music except those punk and rock types that smash my eardrums.
最爱的季节: Spring, but autumn would be nice too.
最爱的卡通: The Land Before Time, Spongebob Squarepants, Disney's Robin Hood, The Pink Panther, Tom & Jerry series, Tweetie and Sylvester series... damn I watch too much cartoons.
最爱的人: Family and Friends.
最爱的颜色: Blue and Green
最爱的国家: I'll decide on that later in life.
最爱的天气: Windy day with lots of clouds and sun that keeps its presence to the minimal.

1) Let my family and I live happily ever after peng aun peng aun.
2) Score all A1s in SPM ( Chinese A2 can already lah)
3) Let all that deserve happiness find happiness.
你是一个专一的人吗:Hmm... I suppose so.
最深刻的回忆: I think I'll keep this secret.
你是个很有信心的人吗: No. I tend to lack confidence now and then.
你很爱微笑吗: Definitely a yes.
如果要你放弃现在的生活,你愿意吗: Not now. There's still too much to do.
妄想什么样的生活: A life without worries. Hakuna-ma-tata!
是否横刀夺爱才是爱:I lack the qualifications and intelligence to answer this one.

Sorry my contacts are few as this blog just started not long ago.

The rest of my contacts I think all kena sudah. If Dexter you sudah kena then sorry buat kacau. If you haven't hit the jackpot but don't have the time for this taggedy tag tag thing, it's okay too, don't worry.


  1. 魂·失 said...:

    hoh no! its not full As...
    its full A1s for both of u.. xD

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