The Moment Of Truth Arrives...

We waited... and waited... AND waited... and when they finally announced that the results were coming, we wished we could wait longer. Funny, the way we think (or the way i think).

Our results were supposed to be thrown at us at 10 in the morning, but I was at Chung Ling at 8.30am. Had to get some certification work done. Pity Pn. Chan Lai Hin. When we get busy, she has to get busy with us. She was great help and signed all my photocopied certs although she was in a hurry to go to class. My sincere thanks to her.

In cases like collecting results, if your results don't kill you, the anticipation will. Well I survived, and when I finally found the courage to enter the hall, my results didn't kill me too. I consider myself lucky. Surprisingly, I managed to grab the elusive A1 for Chinese. EST was the killer subject and caused many 'casualties'. I got an A2 for it. Honestly, I was eyeing an A1, but you can't have everything in life. If I got A1 for EST it would have been a streak of straight A1s for me. No complains though, I'm happy with my results.

There are dozens of smarter people than me who deserve straight As, but crashed when it came to EST. They do have the stuff, but somehow they didn't make it. I really feel sorry for this group of people. They deserve better. I suppose sometimes it's our luck that does the talking... or maybe those people marking the EST paper didn't know what they were doing. What's important is not to give up my friends. YOU DESERVE BETTER AND I KNOW IT!!!

When I look back I suddenly realize how much I owe everyone who has helped me in the past. So thank you Papa, Mummy and Ming for your support. Thank you all my 老师s, teachers and cikgus. Thank you friends for being who you are. Thank you all you people who helped me with or without knowing it.

The journey has just begun, and this path I have been given the chance to tread upon, because of all of you.


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