The Asylum Inmates Got Bored...

... after studying/daydreaming, or about 50% of each. So they... err... I experimented with several ways to keep myself awake and focused. The first method turned out to be a complete disaster:

Drawing happy faces on your nails.

I ended up wasting 15 minutes trying to perfect that stupid grin on my nail. Not a good idea. And gentlemen, now you know why them ladies spend so much time trying to paint their nails. It honestly isn't an easy task. So be considerate and don't complain next time they're slow.

Method 2: Khoffaaayyyy!!!

Due to my lack of skill, that cup of coffee tasted like... coffee, except it was waaaay too sweet. It also lacked that illusive aroma that only professionals at the kopitiam manage to create. I wasted another 5 minutes getting some H2O to wash the excess sugar down my throat. Note: coffee is good for keeping you awake and focused unless you suck (big time) at making it.

Method 3: Mint that sends fire up your nose.

The third method was a success, and I finally managed to remain focused on the dumb subject I was studying. My classmates will recognise the subject upon seeing the first photo up there. What I learned from this episode is that it's not wise to study immediately after lunch. You'll just get sleepy and start daydreaming about random stuff like teddy bears singing the smurf theme.

Janet's Birthday

Here's another birthday story to share with everyone. This time the birthday girl is Janet, and we all took a break to celebrate this special occasion with her at Tsurukame Shabu Shabu Queensbay. She's a fan of shabu shabu (I'm not even sure what it means), so there was no problem picking the venue this time.

A normal buffet meal there costs close to RM30, but we were operating on a budget this time, so we went for the sets priced at RM11.90. You get a choice between chicken, pork and beef. They look like this:

The set with noodles.

The one with rice (I took this).

You get 3 scoops of ice-cream at the end.

The birthday girl has been giving us pretty strong hints about getting a pretty birthday cake, so we got her one. No doubt, it was pretty.

Not just any ordinary cake here.

She was obviously happy with the cake :D

Not to forget the usual group photo.

With all the birthdays over (for now), it's time to focus on the final exams. They're scheduled next week, so don't expect much activity here till I'm done with all the papers. Thank you and wish me luck! yeah, yeah, yeah I know I say that a lot, but just wish me luck okay...

Real Steel

I'm taking break from my books to talk about a movie I managed to catch recently. It's about some fun, and at times senseless, brutality involving robots.

Here we have Hugh Jackman, the guy famous for playing Wolverine in the X-Men series. Think pointy-haired guy with blades protruding from the back of his hands. Yeah that's him. This time he's a loser who tries to make a difference after finding his son, who in turn finds a big, bulky robot (see above).

The fight scenes between the robots were awesome, especially towards the end of the movie. No doubt about that. The acting was okay too, and although I read in a newspaper review that the script was horrible, I personally felt it was still within acceptable standards. There was nothing interesting about the movie's dialogue, but at least it wasn't completely boring.

So, if you're looking for a movie with lots of noise (crushing metal) and a fair share of action, Real Steel's the one for you.

Abba's Birthday

This is the third time I'm writing about his birthday. If I'm not mistaken, I've actually written about his birthday every single year since I started blogging, but so be it.

This time we went to Nando's in Queensbay to makan, before going for a movie. The movie was a big letdown so I won't talk much about it. I'll just say it involved a superhuman monk fighting big, animated snakes.

Abba's Smurf cake! Not a very happy ending for Mr Smurf though.

That little female smurf is now his sweetheart :P

It's not possible to go on a diet during the birthday season.

Our group, since diploma till degree.

Several of my close friends are having their birthdays this month, so it's going to be a pretty busy time. Well at least there's something here to take our minds off our finals. We can't be studying all the time can we? LOL

Hokkien Mee

With all the required homework completed and handed in, I'm finally free for the semester. That is, until the finals come. They're at the end of this month. Still, any opportunity to rest is very much appreciated.

Hokkien Mee

I was asked by friends to take this photo and post it on Facebook, so that those overseas could get a chance to see their beloved Hokkien Mee. I figured there was no harm in allowing it to appear here too. In case you're wondering, I took this photo at a coffee shop opposite Tesco Extra. The hokkien mee there is quite good. Next year when I go overseas I'm sure I'll miss it.

I did not take a photo of the apom, but if you ever go there you should try them too. They're made by an Indian aunty, who uses some kind of traditional hot pot. I can't recall tasting better apom anywhere else.