Abba's Birthday

This is the third time I'm writing about his birthday. If I'm not mistaken, I've actually written about his birthday every single year since I started blogging, but so be it.

This time we went to Nando's in Queensbay to makan, before going for a movie. The movie was a big letdown so I won't talk much about it. I'll just say it involved a superhuman monk fighting big, animated snakes.

Abba's Smurf cake! Not a very happy ending for Mr Smurf though.

That little female smurf is now his sweetheart :P

It's not possible to go on a diet during the birthday season.

Our group, since diploma till degree.

Several of my close friends are having their birthdays this month, so it's going to be a pretty busy time. Well at least there's something here to take our minds off our finals. We can't be studying all the time can we? LOL


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