Pics From Here And There

The Cube.

That's to our health.

Centre Of Attention.


Path Unclear.

Young Among Old.

Was just having some fun with my phone. Then decided to simply post the photos. Heheh.

Crap Time!

Nothing's better than writing all sorts of crap on your blog after a tiring day at college. After all, it's my blog. Who cares if I crap too much?

Speaking about crap... did you know that guano, bat's dung is used as fertilizer? I don't know how well... fertilizing this fertilizer is but it's fertilizer anyway. Point is, it's fertilizer and it may smell bad. Don't try smelling it. It'll probably give you an allergy that will make the doctors think you've got H1N1. Influenza A. The only good thing about getting Influenza A is that you can declare " I scored an A!!!". Well to us students it's a dream come true to score A, but nobody wants the Influenza part. We all know why.

Speaking about why... yes 'why', why is 'why' spelt as 'w-h-y'? Can't they spell it as 'waai' or 'whai'? Ah perhaps it's because 'why' is three letters long only. The others are four. How smart of me to figure that out. Must be the Pattaya Fried Rice I had today. I tell you there's something in that stuff that makes us smarter. I'm feeling smarter already. Maybe it's the chilly sauce. I swear the lady poured half a bottle on my rice.

If you think my lessons are driving me nuts, I'm starting to think so too.

Australian business law is law.

Fortunately or unfortunately.

Don't ask me what I'm saying I don't know too.

By the way law can be interesting and boring at the same time. Interesting because of the cases. Boring because of the cases. Two extremes. Mix it with a long list of weird terminology and long-winded, yet pro-in-some-way sounding statements, and you have, well... Australian Business Law. It has nothing to do with toilets, although it says 'Business' law. I suppose there's not much law related to our personal matters in the jamban.

Jamban means toilet. Jambatan is bridge. Jabatan is department. Don't rojak it up.

Jabatan Jamban Jambatan is Bridge Toilet Department.

In the jamban you can do all kinds of stuff. Mesa spare you the examples, except for one, brush teeth. Gosok gigi.

After gosok gigi, you either eat your breakfast or go to sleep.

No breakfast at this time of the night, so go to sleep. Tomorrow another busy day awaits me. Phew.

Out And About Again

That's 1 week of Semester 2 gone. How fast. How unbelievable. How what-the-heck-is-going-on.

It's Friday, and it means a new MPW subject. Taking the place of Malaysian Studies is none other than Moral Education. Yup, M'sian Studies is history folks! Ehhh... it's been about history all along anyway. However, mesa gotta feeling that it's like jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. Although relatively thin compared to M'sian Studies, the Moral text is not to be underestimated, as it packs quite a punch. People get punched just by looking at it.

Fear not, my comrades, for we shall have the aid of an MPW lecturer that can tell stories and talk non-stop like a tommy gun with a magazine the size of Optimus Prime! That's a lot of bullets.

Okay enough of the crap. After saying high... I mean hi to our new MPW lecturer, we as morally-inclined beings remembered to say bye and went on a lunch-hunt. That's after we got our 'Budgeting' textbook with a thickness matching the country's constitution... but wait till you see the Management Accounting one. If that book falls on your foot, the book will be fine but you may get a few fractured bones.

Alright, I admit that's a bit exaggerated, but the point is, those books are really thick and heavy.

Back to the story. We ended up packing lunch from Super Tanker and eating at Ai-Lynn's house.

After makan, some tengok TV...

Some form a mini cyber circle...

Some... who's that?!

Ahhh!!! A soft toy! Good for taking photos, as Wei Zhe is demonstrating.

Then, after lenggang-lenggang for awhile, back to INTI we go for Budgeting class. It's quite easy at the start, but I dare not say about later. Who knows? It may get tougher than law! If that ever happens, we're doomed.

But doomed or not, I still have to sleep. So, good night.

If My Plants Were Growing Money

If my plants were growing money
if that they could do
if the money would never end
if it was forever true

Then in INTI where it's 'In' to be
i'll not have to worry
for all those *@%$# photocopying fees
would mean nothing to me!

Yet bloody hell as my books pile up
the plants are all just dying
it's not just any storm in a teacup
'cause the money's just not coming!

If my plants were growing money
if that they could do
if the money would never end
if it was forever true

What a joy, what a happy ending
to all those horrible payments
but I guess I could just be dreaming
so I'll continue with my laments.

... Poem ends here. I'll save the complaining and lamenting to myself. Thank me.

Pack Your Bags And Get Back To College!!!

Semester 2 begins tomorrow! So that means no more late nights and late mornings. Ah well it was going to happen anyway, no big deal. More accounting is expected, and there's also a very troublesome-sounding business law subject... not to forget that there's another Moral Education replacing Malaysian Studies. Sounds like a long lullaby to me.

Oh yes and I overhauled the blog. Surprisingly I managed to get it done without crashing any programs. For me, that's quite an achievement. How long did it take?

A bloody 5 hours.

Yes to me it's still an achievement. I was never the computer wizard. Heheh...

My parents are kinda worried that I may get infected with H1N1 in INTI. Well... I suppose if I'm unlucky enough to land in that situation there's nothing much I can do. Yup and INTI's not that bad. Despite the parking problem that even the heavens can't solve, and a lot more crazy, crappy stuff going around, it's still a nice place to study.

After all, INTI is an 'IN' place. Only 'IN' people go there. It's written all over the name.

Better not sleep too late. I don't wanna look like a panda on my first day back. Nitez.

Results Here! Or Not?

No, our TAFE results are not here yet. They have remained elusive for the past few weeks, and even the lecturer is finding it weird that this year's results are so late. Our results are from Australia, so maybe the customs officers quarantined them for a week or more. You know the H1N1 craze. Anything's possible.

With our results out of our reach, all we could do in INTI was enrol for the next semester.

So our usual group with a recent addition of Zhong Yang met in the hospital-like college, and paid up our semester fees. With that done, we went out in search for lunch, and we ended up eating under some trees. The place is known among us as 'that famous pan mee under the tree in BJ wan'.

The problem is, there are many trees in BJ. Big and small. Tall and short. Which tree?

Luckily my wise coursemates succeeded in locating the tree, which turned out to be trees. Plural.
This is the tree closest to us. Ya I know as though you haven't seen a tree before. And the green stuff is some parasite or epiphyte, but that's a different story.
Zhong Yang's prays that the Pan Mee won't taste that bad. The others do not seem too worried. His prayers were answered, although the Pan Mee wasn't too outstanding either. Or maybe my taste buds just needed a day off.

The others. Ken seems to be staring at something. I don't know what.

After our lunch some of us went to BJ and some went to Queensbay. Then we regrouped at Ai-Lynn's house.

Ended up watching a DVD, Last House On The... darn was it Left or Right? Whatever laa.

That's the 'Last Man On The Left'. Different version of last house. The movie was errrrrr... not what we thought it was. I'll spare you the details.

But it was gross at times. Lots of blood and stuff that looked like blood but was more like red goo. Apparently if you close your eyes the gross stuff will dissappear, or at least that's what the photo looks like it's telling.

After the movie that seemed to drag on forever (you know, I thought that if the characters really bled that much they would have been dead earlier, it's surprising how hard they are to kill), we started to talk crap, crap and more crap until we decided that we have exhausted our crappy ideas.

Then it was time to leave. More crap next time. The end.

Zebra vs Zirafah

After being 'bosan' for a long time, I discovered something interesting. Apparently creativity (and guts) has no limits.

This is the 'Zebra' brand we all know. Go check your kitchenware if you haven't heard of it.

And this is the Zebra's new friend, the state-of-the-art 'Zirafah'. It's quite... amusing.

The image's a bit blur, sorry folks. I assure you I did not edit this photo. Took it in a supermarket.

Hehheh, so look closely at the brands when you buy stuff next time!

Pantun Bosan

Hari ini, hari cuti
esok, lusa, sama lagi
sampai bila ku duduk kat sini
sambil berpantun goyang kaki.

Bangun pagi gosok gigi
habis sarapan tengok TV
menonton kartun bersiri-siri
apalah makna semua ini.

Kata orang ku dah gila
ku membalas, kau pun sama
saya, kamu, dia dan mereka
sama gila sama gembira.

Orang gila sama tak siuman
orang gila sama dah bosan
mengisi masa kita sepasukan
melakukan hal yang bukan-bukan.

Kebosanan itu amat dibenci
sampai orang nak bunuh diri
Makan, tidur, duduk, berdiri
sepanjang masa sakit hati.

Tapi hei kawan janganlah kecewa
Kebosanan akan berakhir juga
nantilah masa saatnya tiba
legalah hati, rianglah ketawa.

Jadi buat masa ini
janganlah engkau bersedih lagi
bila balik TAFE SEM. 2 nanti
banyak kerja menanti diri!!!

Jangan kau takut banyak kerja pulak kawan, heh heh heh...

A Visit To The Lion's House

Have you ever been to a Lion's house? No? Hehe then I have experienced something you haven't! Imagine...
...the fear...

...the anticipation...

...the excitement...

...the board games...


By now you must be wondering what or who I meant by "Lion".

Here i wish to clarify that 'Lion' is our friend, Yee Ching. No she doesn't roar. That's our group playing Monopoly, the only game where you can buy Gurney Drive for less than RM100K.

Ken's wondering if that thing can be eaten. I think it's air freshener, so he's lucky he didn't try it.

Then comes this board game. It's called Cluedo. In it you get to play CSI and catch some murderer that can even be yourself. Yeah who says the detective can't be the murderer? It's pretty fun.

It takes quite some brains and memory to get your stuff right. If you're not sure of what to do, just go around the place suggesting 1001 kinds of weapons and 1001 suspects in 1001 different locations. You're bound to get it right... eventually.

It was a fun-filled afternoon with you all. Thanks friends for the good time!