Study Week!

That's one semester almost gone. Time just floored the accelerator I guess. Now I'm left with a study week before my finals. Exam time again. Yay...

Hey it's better than having to fight 86 crows, armed only with a bottle of soy sauce.

That was a random idea. Don't waste your time staring blankly at it (thank me for telling you this).

Anyway, I recently developed the habit of humming songs to myself when studying, so I'm obviously not operating at optimal efficiency. Hopefully I don't become a walking mp3 player by the end if the exams.

So, good luck fellow classmates, study hard and hopefully we don't screw up.


My Ah Ma gave me several bunches of bananas, and they were just too much for my family to finish. So I brought some to college today. Of course, people were more interested in playing with the bananas than eating them.

Loyal supporter of the Banana Club.

Pisang. Notice some have been reduced to skin only.

Bananas in class. The lady in pink at the far end is my lecturer.

At the end of the day we still managed to finish them, so I guess everyone did a good job and will enjoy healthy bowel movements for a day or two. My friends are beginning to call me the Banana Man, which sounds really weird (and pretty obscene), but it somehow accurately describes my current situation. So I guess I'll just let them have some fun.

Oh, and if you think this post is lame because it practically just revolves around a potassium-rich fruit, I agree with you!

On Stranger Tides

Great news folks. Cap'n Jack Sparrow has returned for another of his weird but wacky adventures, in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

It's always fun to watch Johnny Depp as my favourite pirate of all time, complete with his inability to walk in a straight line. Rumour has it that this time Jack Sparrow is in London looking for a crew to sail with him to the Fountain of Youth.

Not true. Not true. Of course not. Well that's what he says. But the fact that he's carrying a map to the Fountain says otherwise.

Another thing I like about the POTC series? The music! Composed by multiple award-winning composer Hans Zimmer (salute this guy). He's the brains behind the soundtracks of other blockbuster movies, such as The Dark Knight and Inception. "He's a Pirate", the main score used in the Pirates franchise, is now what I believe to be THE pirate song everybody knows. The guy's certainly a musical genius.

Overall, POTC 4 is a very entertaining watch. Don't worry if you haven't seen the previous 3 installments. The fourth movie does not have much connection to its predecessors. It's more like a completely different adventure altogether for Jack Sparrow, years after the events in POTC 3. Highly recommended to those seeking a good laugh with friends.

The End is Near?

Not long ago, I've received news that the December 2012 event that's supposed to wipe out humanity has been brought forward. Apparently, even heaven has trouble trying to fix definite dates for groundbreaking(literally) events.

Sources have informed me that the new date is 21 May 2011, which places it on... ah, this Saturday. Talk about a tight deadline to finish your work.

Fortunately, I have completed all assignments necessary for this semester, and all that's left to do is wait for the planet to explode into bits of sand, rock and screaming cockroaches. Aw crap. The insects I hate most may even outlive me!

Of course, it is my wish that the world does not end so soon. I still haven't got my new MyKad, and the one I'm holding still boasts a picture of the 12-year-old me. Come on la, at least wait till I get my new IC can or not? And I still have a million things to do (with no deadlines), ranging from planting more beans to visiting Japan one day. And I still haven't published my Nobel prize-worthy theory of how flatulence is related to changes in the Earth's orbit around the sun.

Okay so maybe that last part was pure crap. But the fact remains that I still have lots to do. So may the heavens review their decision for the welfare of people who do not deserve to be blown up, and also, for the welfare of nutcases like me.

New Look!

Hey folks. Guess you noticed the obvious fact that I overhauled the blog and changed the template. So this place'll have a new face from now onwards. Just to freshen things up a little. Hopefully you like it.

It took me an entire afternoon to work through all the editing, and the html parts would have been a bigger headache if not for the coolest tech support guy in town - my bro.

The Pro. 2 years back.

He helped me to delete and edit some very annoying html parts that I didn't like. I would have taken all day to decipher that html nonsense, and at the end of the day I would probably have given up.

So enjoy the new look, and stay tuned for more nonsense from me.

Just A Bug

Nothing to fuss about. Just a photo of a big beetle that banged its way into the house. It had a little horn on its nose, so I think it probably belongs to the rhinoceros beetle family. Smooth shell, almost as if waxed. The little guy was as hard as rock, but also very shy. It just sat there and allowed my bro to take photos of it. It doesn't mind being poked either. I poked it several times.

It was about 1.5 inches long.

After playing with it for a while, my bro and I set it free into the garden, only to have it come back into the house the next day. Guess it likes company.

RIP Osama

Years ago a young boy woke up in the morning, only to have his parents tell him that the World Trade Center was forcibly demolished with the use of civilian aircraft. A large chunk of the Pentagon was also taken out in a kamikaze attack. In a very heroic and honourable attempt to stand up against their hijackers, passengers crashed a fourth plane into open land, killing earthworms instead of more people.

'Hi, I am the world's most wanted terrorist. Wait, I mean I was...'

On Labour Day, the young boy, now not so young anymore, received news that the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks finally got screwed. Osama bin Laden, the main character in many unkind (but funny) jokes I've heard, was shot to death in an operation which involved more than 2 dozen people going after 1 man's head.

The world's most wanted terrorist's only possible escape was to grab his jetpack and fly into the distance. Unfortunately, he couldn't find it.

When the fourth plane killed its family, one single earthworm got so pissed...


...it stole Osama's escape ticket. Osama didn't stand a chance against those elite Navy SEALS.

So ends the story of one guy famous for all the wrong reasons. Of course, photos of his body will not be circulated after Mr President of the United States said no way. However, I'm sure many of you readers would just like to assume he's dead meat until and unless we see him taking his dog for a walk in the park. I agree with you guys.

'Bye folks! Miss me! And please ladies, no more pictures...'

He can only hope whatever he heard about the 72 virgins in heaven was correct.

Back from Cameron

Labour Day fell on Sunday and there was a replacement holiday on Monday, so I went on a family trip to Cameron Highlands. Just to enjoy the scenery and the weather. I've selected a few photos to share with everyone. Just to add some colour to the blog, as usual.

Night market was very crowded. Like giving gold for free.

Ever wonder how they grow tea?

Mist over the tea hills. Awesome!

That's where I took photos of the hills.

What Cameron is famous for.

Dessert, anyone? Home made strawberry ice-cream, fresh strawberries, whipped cream.

Cherry tomatoes! The biggest ones were only the size of my thumb.

Obviously younger.

For some reason I like these flowers.

Very colourful display.

Was playing with my hp's camera. Macro mode.

Now this is something I haven't seen before. Ali's Cane? LOL

Back from holiday, class for 9 hours. It's an interesting life. Haha!