Man on a Ledge

I recently went to the cinema without any movie in mind. So I chose this movie, expecting it to be just so-so.

The story is exactly as the title suggests. The whole thing revolves around a man on a ledge. The beginning is a little confusing, but things get clearer later. I must say the story was very well developed, with humour injected at very suitable moments. I didn't expect this movie to be funny. After all, it is a movie about a suicidal guy.

Also, expect the unexpected during the ending. The movie has enough twists to keep you thinking. I spent most of my time guessing who's up to what. And the ending still took me by surprise (a little, not much).

So enjoy the movie, folks!

Goodbye WD!

This post is late. Very late. I finished my internship at WD last week. Needless to say, it was an interesting and valuable experience indeed. The final day was spent chatting with colleagues (about anything and everything under the sky), and snapping photos. For privacy reasons the photos will not be posted, except these:

The outside of the building. How interesting :P

A photo of the few guys in the office. Damn I'm losing hair...

Do rest assured that my hair loss has nothing to do with job pressure. It has been fun working there, and it's a relatively easy job compared to auditing. I update reports weekly and help with some analysis here and there. That's about it. My colleagues have also been helpful and friendly. That said, WD is a great place to work in, if you're planning to be a finance intern. I'm not saying this just because I was given a bar of Cadbury chocolate on my last day.

Well maybe the chocolate did sweeten my mouth :P

Many thanks to my supervisor and seniors for their time and patience!

Oh and if you have knowledge about remedies for thinning hair, please do contact me. Haha

R.I.P. Whitney Houston

My mum likes her music very much. I don't know much about her. Just a few songs, my favourite being this one.

Very powerful vocal chords indeed. Not a song anyone can sing.
May you rest in peace, and thanks for the music!

Cooking Lesson

No wait it's not exactly a cooking lesson. Abba's mum was kind enough to teach me how to make Chai Koay and Siu Pau. "Cooking" does not sound correct, but neither does "baking" nor "pastry". Never mind that.

Siew Pau, before the oven treatment.

After the oven. They're good, really.

Chai Koay, before being steamed.

I'll only steam the Chai Koay tomorrow, so too bad there won't be a photo of the cooked version. I hope they taste good too. They BETTER. My colleagues from WD are going to try them.

Oh, and a big thank you goes to Abba's mum for allowing us to borrow her kitchen, and excellent culinary skills.