Will Be Gone Awhile

This is my last post before I go for my exams, which will be on for about 1.5 weeks. So you can abandon this madhouse for that time. After my exams I'll be sure to return and fill you guys up (with anything and everything). So wish me luck folks, and may the Force be with all of us!!! :-)

Baca Buku

I believe that after a few days of not-so-solid studying, it's time to at least write something here. When the exams begin, expect this madhouse to be abandoned. But after they're over I will be back. I know the bad guys always say that in superhero movies. I'm borrowing their line.

I recently realised my concentration wasn't as good compared to when I was in Form 5. Maybe I should sleep earlier. I used to sleep at 11pm latest when I was in secondary school. If you have any remedies on how to improve my focus, kindly reveal them. I'll be most grateful as long as they do not include things like eating peanuts for life.

Oh, and (here we go again) in the case of Baca Buku v Jangan Baca Buku 2010 HCA 67 it was held that spending too much time blogging was detrimental to exam preparation.

In that case the Court applied on objective test, the reasonable student test, to determine if the act of blogging would affect exam performance. The test was 'Would a reasonable student, seeking to fulfill his duty of excelling in his examinations, spend (the amount of time in question) to update his blog?' If the answer was no, then the defendant would have spent too much time blogging, resulting in weaker preparations of exams.

I better leave before some joker charges me in court. Until I come back here to write rubbish, enjoy your revision :P

Happy Deepavali

Here's wishing a Happy Deepavali to everyone, regardless of whether you celebrate the festival or not. Enjoy yourselves. I'll join you once my stomach stops giving me problems. I must have accidentally consumed some (VERY) toxic waste to end up like this. Haven't been in this position for years.

I better get well before my finals or I'll be doomed to spending an eternity in hell with the cockroaches as company.

Okay that was a bit of an exaggeration, but wish me luck anyway LOL

Final Week

I have somehow just come to terms with the fact that, blur as I am, I have scrapped my way through 2 years of TAFE, and will graduate by the end of the year. Provided I pass all my papers. Seems just like yesterday I walked into LR519 and stared blankly at all those unfamiliar faces.

Those unfamiliar faces are now some of my best friends. Interesting how time changes everything. It also means this blog is approaching 2 years old (this'll be by next year). I remember beginning to write here in the month I started TAFE. Not so long ago, haha.

But enough of the past. Recently, we had a little adventure having to do with a stubborn car battery. Our friend Huan Li's engine refused to start, so we ended up errrr... camping by the road while waiting for the mechanic to arrive.

My car as the unofficial campsite. Apparently the boot cover does well at providing shade.

Of course no one likes being stranded by the roadside, but I just find it so interesting that I have to blog about it. Forgive me for my... shall I say... lameness.

3 plates of fruits, a bowl of ice kacang and lots of bullsh*t later, the mechanic finally arrived. It took him about 1 minute to jump-start the car with a booster battery.

We waited for 2 hours for that one single golden minute. That's life, folks. Fortunately we had each other for company, or I would probably be counting passing vehicles out of boredom.