Baca Buku

I believe that after a few days of not-so-solid studying, it's time to at least write something here. When the exams begin, expect this madhouse to be abandoned. But after they're over I will be back. I know the bad guys always say that in superhero movies. I'm borrowing their line.

I recently realised my concentration wasn't as good compared to when I was in Form 5. Maybe I should sleep earlier. I used to sleep at 11pm latest when I was in secondary school. If you have any remedies on how to improve my focus, kindly reveal them. I'll be most grateful as long as they do not include things like eating peanuts for life.

Oh, and (here we go again) in the case of Baca Buku v Jangan Baca Buku 2010 HCA 67 it was held that spending too much time blogging was detrimental to exam preparation.

In that case the Court applied on objective test, the reasonable student test, to determine if the act of blogging would affect exam performance. The test was 'Would a reasonable student, seeking to fulfill his duty of excelling in his examinations, spend (the amount of time in question) to update his blog?' If the answer was no, then the defendant would have spent too much time blogging, resulting in weaker preparations of exams.

I better leave before some joker charges me in court. Until I come back here to write rubbish, enjoy your revision :P


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