Never A Dull Moment

So ends the Pirates Ahoy event, and I must say that although I messed up certain crucial parts of my plan, damage control was successful and everything went on smoothly. I'm actually quite impressed at what the team has achieved. Once I get the time to filter some photos I'll post them here to colour up the blog.

And ladies and gentlemen, before I could even think of planting beans, I was hit by multiple tutorials, an assignment, a quiz, and my mid-sem exams will be starting next week. That's why I'll say there's never been a dull moment for the past, like... 4 months? Yup probably 4 months.

My only hope now is to catch some rest during the mid-sem break, after my exams. That is, IF I survive this kind of merciless firepower XD

But, no doubt, I learned in the 4 months many things that I wouldn't have learned in 4 years. I saw and discovered many things that a thousand books wouldn't have told me. Every second was worth living, and that's great.

So wish me luck for my exams, and may the Force be with us through these times of lack of sleep and rest!

By the End of This Week

By the end of this week, I'll be a lot more relaxed than before. I haven't really had the time to slow down since last December. First my finals, then Ernst & Young, then this Pirates Ahoy thing. After this streak of spectacular (in a way) feats, maybe I'll finally get the chance to sit down and proudly declare that I'm doing nothing for the day XD

By the end of this week, our SOBA committee will (hopefully) become legends, for being the first to construct larger than life deco items out of bamboo and sheer creativity. I'll be soooooo proud of my team that time. Feel lucky to be surrounded by such talents. I hope to be able to post some photos here after the event, just to show you what we've come up with.

By the end of this week, I MUST get my student ID renewed, or I won't be able to watch movies at the student rate. Money doesn't come easy. As long as can get student price then must get.

And by the end of this week, my friends are going to be in for a surprise after realising how this event has changed my life. In for a good surprise lah...

Hot Air Balloon

A great song that helps me get along when I'm stressed. Light-hearted lyrics with a happy tune :D


Busy as Always

I'm currently occupied with a college event that my friends and I are organising. You probably remember the Horror Fest from last year. I've forgotten if I've wrote anything about it here, but it was something like a welcoming party by the School of Business & Accounting (SOBA). Last year I was in charge of the game booths. This year I'm all about the decorations.

I need not remind you that I'm as good at art as a hippo is at pole dancing.

Fortunately, I have a talented team of future accountants that should have studied art instead. Whatever I can't do, they can.

I'd like to tell you more, but we're not supposed to say much until registration for the event begins. So I'll leave it at this for the time being.

And I went to Straits Quay again, to relax after a whole week of non-stop production for the deco team.

Head count.

Oh, and the girl in black is Yi Lynn. The newest addition to our gang of hysterical, hopelessly insane weirdos. She's... still quite stable mentally for the time being, but according to Janet she'll be as mad as we are in no time.

Poor girl. Janet's usually right when it comes to these things.