Random Photos

Just thought I'd post some photos, since I haven't been active here for a week. Blame it on those quizzes. The unit controllers in Perth decided to have all the tests in the same week. On the bright side, once you're done, you're completely free. On the not-so-bright side, there's a higher chance of screwing up in your tests.

But enough about tests. I want to show off my bean plants.

First bloom, and first bean pod.

My family of green bean plants.

We now move our attention to a little bird's nest I found outside my aunt's house. Mama Bird flew out, so I took some photos of her cozy home. With eggs!

They look fake in the photo, but trust me. They're real.

Photo of the potted plant.

Finally, pictures of Thai food I had some time ago. One thing about us Penangites, we love to take photos of food. I don't know why. I'm just following the trend.

Tang Hoon (glass noodles) with BIG crabby.

Chicken wrapped in Pandan leaves. Now THIS was good.

That's all for now. I'm going to get what I deserve - a weekend's rest!!!

Spiders in Perth

I have to be pretty unlucky if I run into any of these in Perth. An educational tour, ladies and gentlemen, about some spiders I might meet during my adventures in Australia...

I'm lucky the Funnel-web spider isn't found in Perth. Their venom can kill a person within an hour. I will, however, have the chance to meet the Red Back.

The Red Back Spider.

It's a close relative of the Black Widow Spider. Red Backs carry in their bite a Neurotoxin (nerve poison). Bites may cause a person to suffer anything from headaches to nausea to paralysis. Pretty cool, huh? Fortunately, an effective antivenom exists. The inconvenient part is that they love to be below seats and inside shoes. So I have to be careful where I place my butt and feet.

Next, the Mouse Spider, which looks nothing like a timid mouse.

Mouse? You're kidding me!

The Mouse up there is famous for it's very, very, very painful bite. Just look at the size of those fangs. However, fierce as they may seem, word is that they're pretty shy, and will only bite when provoked.

Moving on, the White-tail Spider. Notice the white section at the spider's butt.

It only looks big here. It's size is only 15 to 20mm.

This spider often runs into bathrooms (gasp!) to hide from the heat outside. Check your bathrooms before you do your business! It's bite ain't lethal, but may cause severe allergic reactions. It seems that the bite makes your skin look like it's rotting or something. Ewww... One interesting fact here is that the White-tail preys on other spiders.

Our next eight-legged friend is the Black House Spider.

Black house? Where?

This spider may wonder near window frames and brickwork, where it's dry. It's bite is poisonous, but not lethal. Seems the bite will cause you muscular aches and giddiness, besides making you puke. This one's another shy spider, so bites are rare. They often get eaten by the White-tails. Poor Black Houses...

There are other spiders too, like the Wolf Spider and the Huntsman, but I'll leave that research to you. I'm off to bed, hoping for some spider-free dreams!

A Garden Delicacy

Let's see if you can figure out what these are...

SNAILS, smartypants. Snails baked with cheese.
The French call these Escargot, but they have got nothing to do with cars.

It was this young lady's idea.

They're not pretty, but they don't taste bad either. Honestly I was a bit pessimistic about how my taste buds and tummy would react to this dish, but so far, so good. All I tasted was cheese, and maybe a bit of sand. The texture was soft and springy, somewhat similar to balitong.

I am proud to declare that I ate snails and survived!!! 

Return of the Taxman

Does anyone remember this guy (or any of his friends) from posts a long time ago?

The old hero.

He's the first volume of my old Master Tax Guide. Fans of "The Adventures of Ewe Juan in Assignmentopia" will no doubt remember the role he played as an ally of the protagonist, Ewe Juan the Adventurer.

For those who are scratching their heads, I'm talking about a story I made up 2 years back. My books aided me in a battle to rescue the inhabitants of Assignmentopia from the evil plans of super villains such as The Taxman.

Yeah, like, seriously. Unfortunately I didn't really complete the tale.

Today I'm proud to announce my old friends have found 2 successors, and they're original versions. Not photocopied.

The young heroes out to save Assignmentopia.

They didn't come cheap. I had to order them directly from Kangarooland. Thanks to my parents, I now have 2 new superheroes to help me save the world!

With his new-found allies, the great adventurer Ewe Juan descends again upon Assignmentopia. Once more into the fray!


Yup, it's another potassium-filled fruit story. I believe my Ah Ma thinks I'm badly constipated or something.

3 combs. All for me.

I even have extras waiting for me on the tree. Tilt your head 90 degrees please.

No wonder my bowels are so healthy. Smooth traffic all the way and... well I guess that's enough information.



It's back to college for me after a semester break of more than 3 months. Time to get those lazy bones back up and working! Now this is going to take some determination. Rusty equipment needs major overhaul...

Books for this semester.

One thing I have to say, do appreciate your parents. Education isn't cheap, and they saved lots just to make sure you get a degree. Thank you Papa and Mummy!!! :D

Also, take this as a warning that one day, YOU will be the one saving for your kiddies' degree. Yes, I mean YOU! Don't say I didn't warn you. I'll also be kind enough to offer you a solution to this "problem" (if you consider it one). Simple. Don't have kids.

Kids or no kids, I still have to finish my degree first. God speed.