Alive and Still Kicking

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, humans and extra-terrestrials, I'm proud to announce I've finished my exams and am back here, alive and well. Suffice to say that I'm still alive, although that last paper packed enough punch to knock out a full-grown woolly mammoth.

This is a woolly mammoth, in case you don't know what it looks like.

Ancient elephants aside, I've now ended my 3rd semester and will soon be into my last semester. Not bad. Time flies.

Oh yes. And my generous friends celebrated my birthday last week. Paiseh sama dia orang, because somehow they still managed to find the time despite my birthday being stuck in the middle of exam week. I really owe you guys for this one. Thanks a million. Big thank you. Bigger than that furry elephant above.

While I return to working on the tiny vegetable patch, let's hope mesa classmates and I didn't screw up any of our papers, although the last one was one hell of a mess. Mess or not, it's our holiday, so let's not worry about this until we really really really have to.


Yes I know it's exam time and I should not be writing too much crap here, but it's my birthday and I'm declaring half day public holiday, tax free. 'Tax free' meaning I do not study tax, not you not having to pay your tax. The day when I can say you don't have to pay tax seems a bit far away for the time being. That said, that's it. :-)