First A Role Play, Now A Real Play.

Just when I thought I was done with interviews, another comes rolling my way. This one's no role play. It's the JPA scholarship interview, and I'm not the interviewer any more. Of course I would be happy to be the interviewer again, but if I do pop that question at the JPA guys, I'll lose my chance of getting a scholarship faster than you can say "you idiot".

With my role switched to interviewee, things are not going to be the same. I can't mess around as much, and I better NOT mess around since this is a real interview. I've got a feeling I won't be facing a single interviewer. My intuition tells me there will be at least 3 interroga- I mean interviewers ( and I thought I had no intuition... Haha! =.=).

I haven't been interviewed for some time. The last time was when I applied for a post in the English Language Society in CLHS. I did well in that one, but that was a year ago. Now my skills as an interviewee are beginning to rot. I know they're rotting because I can smell the stench, but I can't seem to even FIND the rotting skills.

The interview's next Friday. Hopefully by then I will be able to eliminate the rotting stuff in my head and replace it with some useful stuff. If you have any interview tips, feel free to write to me at Alternatively, you can just drop short tips at the cbox. Any form of help is welcome. Even silly and ridiculous ideas are welcome. Experience has thought me that ridiculous does not equal obsolete. Thanks, people.


  1. 魂·失 said...:

    basically...i ve been to one interview before nia... one or two :S

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