Gearing Up!

For once I'm gearing up and it has nothing to do with cars. Instead of worrying about the clutch and gearbox, now I'm worrying about Wednesday's test and Friday's interview. Hopefully I won't mix them both up in my head. Imagine that...

"What is your greatest strength?"

"Debit all assets and credit all liabilities!!!"

Yeah right, a surefire way to gain some quick attention, but I'm not buying this trick.

At this point maybe I'm worrying too much. Psychology can be my greatest enemy, so I'm trying to be positive about it. No not being positive about psychology being my greatest enemy! Positive about the interview. After all, it won't be a complete loss if I don't get the scholarship. My parents have hammered this fact into my head and I am thankful.

Note to self: No silly introduction that makes you look like a priest.
* Tengok picture interview punya kat bawah tu, macam dah naik gila.


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